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Ostra Cybersecurity Secures $4M in Series A Funding: A Game-Changer for Business and Tech Security

Amplifying Our Commitment: How Investment Translates to Enhanced Cyber Defenses When it comes to your business’s cybersecurity, one thing is for certain—there’s no standing still. Cyber threats evolve with technology, and as a business owner or IT leader, your resourceful ally in this persistent battle is a managed cybersecurity service that’s dynamic, dependable, and ahead […]

Fireside Chat: Building Your Community in the Cyber Wild

Round Two… How does one go about building a community in the cyber wild? It starts with networking and connecting with like-minded individuals in the industry.  In our latest “Fireside Chat,” Ostra Founder and CEO Michael Kennedy chats with Evan Francen, CEO of SecurityStudio, and Frank Gurnee, SecurityStudio’s Channel Director, on the topics of AI […]

Ostra Cybersecurity Grows Its Partner Success Team

Laura Hayes Hired to Expand the Impact and Reach of Ostra Channel Partner Program. Ostra Cybersecurity, a leading provider of world-class cybersecurity solutions for small and medium-sized businesses, recently welcomed Laura Hayes as Senior Partner Success Manager. With this latest Channel Team hire, Ostra continues to strengthen its Channel Partner Network during a season of exponential growth. […]

Navigating the Digital Wilderness: A Managed Cybersecurity Fireside Chat

We are constantly connected to the digital world. From social media to online shopping to SaaS for business, our personal and company information is stored and shared on a daily basis. Every online interaction exposes us to potential cybersecurity threats, making it necessary for us to be aware and vigilant about protecting our data. This […]

Ostra Cybersecurity Year in Review: 2023

As we welcome a new year, we’d like to extend our sincerest gratitude to our Channel Partners, clients, shareholders, and industry colleagues for their invaluable contributions to our continued success. In our fifth year as a company, we sustained rapid growth while enhancing operational efficiencies, ensuring the safeguarding of an increasing number of small and […]

Ostra Hires Chris Pridemore as Security Operations Manager

Ostra Hires Chris Pridemore as Security Operations Manager Ostra Cybersecurity, a leading provider of world-class cybersecurity solutions for small and medium-sized businesses, recently welcomed Chris Pridemore as Security Operations Manager. In this new management role, Chris will help improve and expand Ostra’s existing Security Operations Center (SOC) to meet the needs of current and future […]

How Do I Become a Cybersecurity Reseller?

How to Become a Cybersecurity Reseller With the rapid evolution of technology and the increasing threat of cyber-attacks, businesses of all sizes are seeking robust cybersecurity solutions to protect their sensitive data and operations. This has led to a growing demand for cybersecurity resellers who can provide comprehensive security solutions tailored to diverse business needs. […]

Insourcing vs. Outsourcing Cybersecurity:
How to Find the Best Approach for Your Practice

Outsourcing Cybersecurity: Most Companies Can’t Handle Cybersecurity On Their Own Cybersecurity has become an essential aspect of business operations. With the increasing complexity of cyber threats and the value of sensitive data, organizations must adopt robust strategies to protect their assets. A recent article in Forbes titled The Evolution Of Cybersecurity And How Businesses Can […]

Overcoming Cybersecurity Fatigue:
Help for IT Service Providers

IT service providers face many challenges when trying to serve their clients—especially smaller businesses. Generally speaking, it takes a special breed of human to thrive in the often-overwhelming field of cybersecurity. There are many reasons why these challenges can be even more felt among managed service providers (MSPs). Overworked and Short-Staffed In the IT world, cybersecurity is […]

23 Ways to Avoid Becoming a Victim of Ransomware

The threat of ransomware is a growing concern for businesses of all sizes. Large corporations invest heavily in cybersecurity, but it isn’t just the big companies that must be prepared to protect their sensitive data. This Is Not a Drill Despite significant advances in cybersecurity, a recent press release by Thales, a global leader in […]

Employee Spotlight: Beau Zamora, Security Support Technician

Welcome back to Ostra’s Employee Spotlight series. This week we’re highlighting Beau Zamora, Security Support Technician. Learn about Beau and his many hobbies and experiences both in and out of the Ostra office. Career & Life at Ostra Describe what you do at Ostra in one sentence. I am the first point of contact for […]

The Hidden Dangers of Insider Threats

Possibly one of the most underrated catalysts for a cyberattack is the insider threat. Take a look at some recent statistics: An article by Identity Management Institute stated that 65-70% of all security incidents arise from insider threats to system and data security. According to IBM Security Intelligence, 40% of insider incidents involve an employee […]

Employee Spotlight: Eunice Asemnor, Security Analyst

Next up in Ostra’s Employee Spotlight series is Eunice Asemnor, Security Analyst. We recently sat down with her to discuss her role at Ostra, what makes her tick, her experience and her life outside of work. Career & Life at Ostra Describe what you do at Ostra in one sentence. I am a Security Analyst […]

Employee Spotlight: Anthony Stephens, Advanced Security Analyst

Next up in Ostra’s Employee Spotlight series is Anthony Stephens, Advanced Security Analyst. We recently sat down with him to discuss his role at Ostra, what makes him tick, his experience and his life outside of work. Career & Life at Ostra Describe what you do at Ostra in one sentence. I oversee the Security […]

Employee Spotlight: Claudia Madrigal, Executive Administrator & Project Manager

Next up in Ostra’s Employee Spotlight series is Claudia Madrigal, Executive Administrator and Project Manager. We recently sat down with her to discuss her role at Ostra, what makes her tick, her experience, and her life outside of work. Career & Life at Ostra Describe what you do at Ostra in one sentence. I coordinate the […]

[Webinar Recap] Get a Grip on Cyber Security & Cyber Insurance

Did you miss “Get a Grip on Cyber Security & Cyber Insurance,” the free webinar presented by Ostra and Trava on April 20? With cybercrime and ransomware increasing exponentially in today’s business climate, small and medium-sized businesses must be more cyber-savvy than ever in their day-to-day operations. Watch a free, on-demand replay of the webinar […]

[Webinar Recap] A Titanic Mistake: Incident Response Without Active Monitoring

Mike Thompson from FRSecure and Ostra Cybersecurity’s own Michael Kennedy recently teamed up to present a free, 30-minute webinar: “A Titanic Mistake: Incident Response Without Active Monitoring.” If you missed the live webinar, keep reading to get the overview or watch the full webinar recording here. Webinar Highlights: Lessons from the Titanic Co-hosted by Ostra […]

Employee Spotlight: Johnathan Erwin, Security Engineer

Ostra is kicking off our first employee spotlight with our Security Engineer, Johnathan Erwin from Ostra’s Cybersecurity Operations team. We recently sat down with him to talk about his role at Ostra, what makes him tick, his experience, and his life outside of work. Career & Life at Ostra Describe what you do at Ostra […]

Why SMBs are hot targets for ransomware (and how to avoid becoming a statistic)

Although today’s businesses of every size are busy navigating data security issues, cybercriminals know that small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are even more vulnerable. In the U.S. alone, there are 32.5 million small businesses—defined as having fewer than 500 employees. They make up about 99.9% of all U.S. businesses (Small Business Administration, 2021). For cybercriminals, that’s […]

Ostra’s Year in Review – 2021

Happy New Year! Here are a few of Ostra Cybersecurity’s highlights from the past year, along with a glimpse of where we’re heading in 2022: Blocking Threats in 2021 In response to a huge increase in cyber threats throughout the year, Ostra’s information security team was busier than ever in 2021. Ostra Stats Ostra saw […]

Ostra and FRSecure are proactive partners in data security

As a next-generation managed security services provider (MSSP), Ostra is proud to partner with a select group of companies that share our values and commitment to protecting clients. It is rewarding to work with Channel Partners like FRSecure, whose focus is crystal-clear: Information Security Experts on a Mission to Fix a Broken Industry. Watch this […]

Remote Control: Prioritizing Cybersecurity in the Hybrid Workplace

As a 2021 Cybersecurity Awareness Month Champion, Ostra is proud to help shed more light on security vulnerabilities and help secure our interconnected world. In cooperation with the National Cyber Security Alliance, Ostra Cybersecurity invites our clients and partners to join us as we continue to use the month of October to spread more awareness […]

Let’s Talk Cybersecurity: Hacks & Hops Recap with Ostra

Did you miss the Hacks & Hops Virtual Security Conference on October 14? We weren’t able to connect in person this year, but this year’s event did not disappoint even though we got together virtually. Hosted by FRSecure, one of Ostra’s Channel Partners, Hacks and Hops is a free, full-day virtual conference that brings information […]

Ostra announces commitment to safeguarding business data during Cybersecurity Awareness Month

As a 2021 Cybersecurity Awareness Month Champion, Ostra is proud to help shed more light on security vulnerabilities and do its part to secure our interconnected world. Throughout the month of October, Ostra Cybersecurity is joining a growing global effort to promote the awareness of online safety and privacy during Cybersecurity Awareness Month. This year’s […]

Hacks & Hops Virtual Security Conference- October 14, 2021

Hacks & Hops is a FREE virtual conference for information security professionals. Hosted by one of Ostra Cybersecurity’s Channel Partners, FRSecure, this event brings information security professionals together to learn, network and enjoy beer on Thursday, October 14, 2021. Watch this short video to hear from John Harmon, President at FRSecure, as he shares what […]

Cyber Allies: FRSecure and Ostra are proactive partners in data security

Ostra Cybersecurity enjoys building relationships with like-minded companies who share our commitment to protecting clients. That is why it is especially rewarding for us to work with Channel Partners like FRSecure, whose focus is crystal-clear: Information Security Experts on a Mission to Fix a Broken Industry. Launched in 2012, FRSecure is a Minnesota-based consulting and […]

CyberFin and Ostra: A Channel Partner Story

Ostra Cybersecurity collaborates closely with other technology companies to help them more effectively serve their diverse client groups. As a next-generation managed security services provider (MSSP), Ostra is always looking for opportunities to simplify cybersecurity while delivering value for our Channel Partners. CyberFin is a Minnesota-based company that relentlessly focuses on protection for closely regulated […]

Hacks & Hops Virtual Security Conference

featuring Ostra’s Michael Kennedy as speaker – October 14, 2021 Hacks & Hops is an event hosted by one of Ostra’s Channel Partners, FRSecure, that brings information security professionals together to learn, network and enjoy beer. Save the date from 9a-5p on Thursday, October 14 for this free full-day, virtual conference that includes 12 speakers […]

Highlights from BrightTALK Webinar: The Ultimate Reality Check for Cybersecurity

By Ostra Cybersecurity On July 12, Ostra presented a free BrightTALK webinar: The Ultimate Reality Check for Cybersecurity. In this informative discussion, our panel of cybersecurity experts—including Ostra Co-Founder Michael Kennedy and Chief Growth Officer Paul Dobbins—shared how real-life threat events during the pandemic have forever changed the cyber threat landscape for businesses. The presentation also included tips […]

Watch free BrightTALK Cybersecurity webinar featuring Ostra leaders

The Ultimate Reality Check for Cybersecurity Introducing The Ultimate Reality Check for Cybersecurity from BrightTalk. In this free webinar, four presenters—including Ostra Co-Founder Michael Kennedy as one of the panelists and Chief Growth Officer Paul Dobbins as a moderator—shared how real-life threat events during the pandemic have forever changed the cyber threat landscape. Large-scale data hacks and ransomware events […]

How Ostra Makes Cybersecurity More Cost-Effective for SMBs

Cyberattacks against smaller businesses are increasing, and unfortunately many of these businesses are not adequately protected. This leaves them vulnerable to ransomware, types of malware and data breaches that puts their own bottom line and reputation at risk, while also giving criminals access to their clients’ data and systems. President Joe Johnson and Co-Founder Michaael […]

How to Accelerate Cybersecurity Transformation for Small Business

The acceleration of technology and cybersecurity transformation has left many organizations unprepared. The migration of entire work teams from traditional offices to virtual teaming is daunting when there’s time to plan, catastrophic when pushed upon companies in response to COVID-19. Considering cybersecurity measures has never been so challenging, and so very important to preventing ransomware, […]

11 Types Of Malware + How To Detect & Remove Them

Taking care of your business’s data and sensitive information means staying vigilant against cybersecurity threats at all times. This is made more difficult each year, as new types of viruses, technologies, and methodologies for cybercriminals are created. For example, since its inception in the 70s, many variants of malware viruses have been created, amplifying the […]

GLBA Compliance Checklist: 7 Steps to Comply With

When it comes to cybersecurity for financial institutions, creating a system that is GLBA compliant is essential. To ensure that your company is in-line with GLBA, here are seven steps to follow, as well as how Ostra can help protect your data.  The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLB Act or GLBA) is a set of laws that […]

Data Security: Looking Ahead at 2021 Cybersecurity Strategies

The importance of data security has taken on new life in recent years. While initially an area of interest for industries like healthcare and financial services, our digital era has made data security something that all companies—regardless of what field they operate in—must integrate into their business plan. The cost of failing to do so […]

What is a SOC Audit + How Ostra Can Help Your Organization Become Compliant

If your company is not SOC-certified but should be, it’s time to get started on improving your controls. If you wait, you’ll continue to miss out on building relationships with potential partners, and as a result, lose valuable business. Keep reading this article to: Find out why SOC audits are a necessity in today’s business […]

Cybersecurity 101: The Basics Of Keeping Your Business Secure (2021 Guide)

Cybersecurity can be an obscure and broad term covering everything from sophisticated digital systems to simple Norton anti-virus software. It’s important to know the nature of cyber threats and how you can protect your business against them. Experts predict that cybercrime in 2021 will cost companies around the globe $6 trillion. By 2025, that number […]

Small Business Cybersecurity Tips

Many small businesses are currently struggling because of the pandemic. The last thing any small business needs now is a cyberattack, which could easily put a company out of business. So now more than ever there is a need for strong cybersecurity practices, especially in smaller businesses with less cybersecurity devoted resources. 60 percent of […]

Cybersecurity Awareness Month

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month, Ostra is proud to take part in helping to create a safer and more trusted cyberspace for everyone. History of Cybersecurity Awareness Month Cybersecurity Awareness Month was founded by both government and industry to make sure every American consumer and business has the resources needed to stay safe and secure […]

Cybersecurity Terms 101

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month and a time to spread the importance of understanding cybersecurity and cybercrime. As cybersecurity evolves, so do the threats that come with it. To stay safe in today’s cyber world it’s important to understand all the different types of threats that could harm you and your business. Everyone is vulnerable […]

Largest Medical Cyberattack in US History?

Universal Health Systems is a major US hospital and healthcare provider that has more than 400 different locations throughout the country. The hospital system was hit with one of the largest medicals cyberattacks ever in the United States. Experts believe it could be the biggest ever. The attack, that left the IT network offline across […]

House Passes Legislation To Set Internet Of Things Security Standards

A new bill that was just passed will require that all Internet of Things devices purchased by the US government must meet set security requirements. Internet of Things devices is any everyday objects that connect via the internet to send/receive data. Things like smartwatches, smart home security devices, and wireless inventory trackers are all IoT […]

Companies are Looking for Affordable Cybersecurity Solutions

It is estimated that more than half of the US workforce has transitioned to remote working. With more people working from home businesses are way more vulnerable. This has really increased overall cybersecurity spending for companies. 58% of companies represented in a recent Microsoft survey have increased their cybersecurity budgets in response to the pandemic. Companies have […]

Financial Sector is the Most Targeted During Pandemic

Cybercriminals are attacking businesses like never before, and they have way more of an interest in the financial services sector than in past years. The pandemic has caused difficult financial situations for many, that includes cybercriminals too, which is why they have their targets locked on the most lucrative sector. Remote work is part of […]

Financial Sector Cybersecurity Spending Up 15% in 2020

Banks and other financial service-related businesses are spending 15% more this year to defend against cybercrime.  The pandemic and remote working are influencing this change in spending, and the number will keep increasing, a survey found. The average spending per employee in 2019 was $2,337. That number has increased to $2,691 per employee in 2020. […]

The Biggest Cyberattacks on the Financial Services Industry

The financial services industry is one of the most targeted out of all industries for cybercriminals. It is the most lucrative industry for cybercriminals to attack, which is why it is the most important to defend. These are a few of the biggest cyberattacks in recent years. The Capital One Data Breach In March of […]

Tesla Employee Prevents Massive Ransomware Attack

Ransomware attack on Tesla A Tesla employee working in a Gigafactory in Nevada was offered a $1 million bribe to help a hacker install malware into the Tesla computer systems. The hacker who has since been arrested is a Russian citizen by the name of Egor Igorevich Kruichkov. This attack was well planned out by […]

The Challenge of Cybersecurity Education at Colleges

Colleges around the nation have dealt with an increase in pandemic-related cyberattacks. Colleges have always been a target for many cybercriminals as they hold a lot of sensitive information and research, which are valuable on the dark web. With the increase in attacks, many college security chiefs say the real challenge is educating professors and […]

Cybersecurity Challenges and Concerns of Remote Working

A new report by Malwarebytes wanted to investigate the new normal of working from home (WFH). They measured the immediate reaction to the pandemic and also businesses’ future cybersecurity strategy. The cybersecurity company surveyed more than 200 executives and managers in IT and cybersecurity roles at US companies. Organizations’ challenges to remote working Switching to […]

Ransomware Gang Attacks Billion-Dollar U.S. Liquor Maker

The hacking group called REvil ransomware, who have hacked numerous million-dollar companies, have hacked and encrypted Brown-Forman. Brown-Forman is a top U.S. based liquor maker with brands like Jack Daniels, Finlandia Vodka, Early Times, and Old Forester. The REvil gang reportedly had access to Brown-Forman’s systems for over a month. They were able to completely […]

Cloud Service Costs Rise During Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the need for cloud computing services. Companies are racing to meet the demand for cloud computing tools needed for their remote workers. While also battling the rising costs of the cloud. There are a lot of company budgets being stretched as companies search for more affordable cloud costs. “The corporate […]

Cybersecurity Training Company SANS Hit by Phishing Attack

The cybersecurity training company SANS has fallen victim to a data breach. The attack started after a successful phishing scam against one of SANS employees. The breach compromised over 28,000 records of personal identifiable information, like names, emails, phone numbers, and addresses. No sensitive information like credit card info or login credentials were exposed. The […]

Twitter Could Pay $250 Million for Using Private Information for Advertising

Twitter could be paying a hefty fine to the U.S. FTC for its use of private information (phone numbers and emails) in targeted advertising campaigns. This fine comes after the FTC filed a complaint against Twitter for using “phone number and/or email address data provided for safety and security purposes for targeted advertising during periods […]

Travel Management Firm CWT Pays $4.5 Million to Hackers

The US business travel management firm CWT just paid a $4.5 million bitcoin payment to hackers who stole terabytes of information. CWT claims that the hackers stole sensitive corporate files and put 30,000 computers offline. CWT represents more than 1/3 of companies on the S&P 500, which makes them a very valuable target for hackers. […]

Hospitals Face Wave of Cyberattacks Trying to Crash Websites

The healthcare industry has been one of the most targeted industries during the COVID-19 pandemic. With cybercriminals trying to steal COVID vaccine-related information or disrupt hospital operations in the hope of receiving a quick ransom payment. The healthcare industry currently has the largest number of cybersecurity openings of any other industry. Researchers have said that […]

Remote Work Boosts Cybersecurity Hiring

It is estimated that more than half of the US workforce has transitioned to remote working. With more people working from home businesses are way more vulnerable. This has increased the need for cybersecurity-related positions. According to LinkedIn, there were 261 thousand open cybersecurity positions in April, 244 thousand in May, and 348 thousand in […]

Connected-Car Cyberattacks Have Doubled Since Last Year

There are more connected cars on the road every year than ever before. Even though these cars make everyday life more convenient for consumers, they are way more likely to be targeted in a cyberattack than traditional cars. It is estimated that connected car cyberattacks have doubled in the last year alone. The average connected […]

Vulnerability in Website Builder Exposes 700,000 sites

In late July, a threat intelligence team found a vulnerability in themes by Elegant Themes. The themes were Divi, Extra, and the WordPress plugin, Divi Builder. These products combined are downloaded on over 700,000 websites. The vulnerability allowed attackers the ability to upload PHP files onto any website with the programs downloaded. The attackers also […]

Garmin in Trouble for Paying Ransom

The GPS company Garmin became the victim of a ransomware attack late July. The suspected hackers, known as EvilCorp, encrypted a lot of company data and attached a ransom note to each file. The ransom note had directions to email one of two email addresses to get a price for the encrypted data. Garmin confirmed […]

Cybersecurity is a Business Decision

Several CISOs have said that their cybersecurity budget comes from the ROI and contribution it adds to the business. Making sure the business is secure while creating growth and profit is what makes cybersecurity a business decision.

Blackbaud Pays After Ransomware Attack

Blackbaud, one of the largest providers of fundraising technology to nonprofits, universities, and other charities was hacked. After a ransomware attack left important data encrypted, Blackbaud was forced to either pay the ransom or let the data be sold to other cybercriminals. Blackbaud paid in Bitcoin and received confirmation that the data was destroyed. It […]

Twitters Biggest Threat: Its Own Employees

Twitter demonstrated an example of the biggest cybersecurity threat that companies cannot defend against. The companies own employees.

Garmin Hit by 4-Day Ransomware Attack

The navigation company became the victim of a ransomware attack on Thursday. The attack left many Garmin systems offline, including fitness apps, aircraft navigation systems, and customer service centers. Garmin factories even had to close production lines.

Why One Data Breach Can Lead to More Cyber Attacks

Data leaks that occur today may not even be harmful for years to come. With personal information being sold, traded, and bought all over the dark web, long term security issues can emerge. Private information gathered throughout the next 5 years could help cyberattack hold an entire business network hostage.

Outdated Budgets are a Threat to Business Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity budgets are usually the first to get cut, even in a pandemic when phishing attacks have increased more than 600%. One of the biggest issues that companies are facing is the lack of funds for an up-to-date cybersecurity team/program.

Hackers are Selling Your Data to the Highest Bidder

Researchers at a cyber security company have published a report that shares the details of these dark web data auctions. Once the data is put up for auction, anyone with dark web access can bid on it. No identity proof is required, only a simple CAPTCHA checkpoint. The highest bid must be paid in cryptocurrency, which is untraceable.

What a Cyber Attack on the Energy Sector Could Mean

A cyber-attack targeting a major power grid could completely shut down an entire economy. The attack could be so widespread that it could knock out the power for many large cities, resulting in disastrous damages.

Over 100 Law Firms Report Data Breaches

There have been more than 100 law firms that have reported data breaches since 2014. Since about 20 states do not require that law firms report data breaches, that number is definitely higher.
Most of the reported breaches occurred through phishing attacks, with some through hacking or security lapses.

Android Faces New Security Threat, Malware That Spreads Itself

There is a new type of malware that has recently appeared on Android phones throughout the world. The malware can steal personal information, bank details, and can read your text messages. Once the phone is infected, it uses the users contact list to spread itself through text messaging.

Many High-Profile Twitter Accounts Simultaneously Hacked in Bitcoin Scam

Many popular twitter accounts have been hacked in a giant bitcoin scam. The accounts include Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Apple, Uber, Kanye West, and many more. The twitter accounts seemed to all be simultaneously hacked, as the tweets were all identical and carried out at the same time.

There are 15 Billion Stolen Logins on the Dark Web

After auditing dark web forums and marketplaces for 18 months, the report found a 300% increase in the number of stolen account logins since 2018. Now there are 15 billion stolen usernames and passwords from over 100 thousand data breaches.

When It Comes To Cyber Training, It’s Quality Over Quantity

Conducting cyber security training more frequently than others does not mean less security incidents, according to a report by security software company, Tessian.

60% of Organizations Experience Cyberattacks Spread by Their Employees

With today’s huge increase in phishing attacks. Many organizations still do not provide regular cybersecurity awareness training, some don’t even have a security solution.

Number of Coronavirus-Related Scams Jump

These cyber threats are both foreign groups trying to steal coronavirus related information and cybercriminals trying to exploit users working from home. Health agencies have reported an increase in cyber threats as well, as they are a very profitable target for cyber criminals.

Hackers Selling Stolen Customer Information Online

The stolen data includes information on employee and customers, first and last names, emails and usernames, and hashed passwords. In other words, a fortunes worth of information for a hacking group.

Ransomware is Getting Worse

Businesses have become a more valuable target for cybercriminals who are looking for a bigger payout. Cybersecurity experts say that ransomware will only become a larger threat in the future.

Phishing in a Pandemic

Cybercriminals are smart, they are professionals in what they do and know how to take advantage of an opportunity, like a pandemic. The Microsoft Threat Protection Intelligence Team has recently published a report on how scammers have used the COVID-19 pandemic to increase phishing attacks. According to the report, they observed the biggest spike in […]

Schools Facing an Increase in Cyberthreats

Ostra CybersecurityAs Your Trusted Cybersecurity Team, Ostra makes cybersecurity simple and accessible to businesses of all sizes. Ostra provides its partners and their clients with a multi-layered, comprehensive and fully managed Security as a Service. 

Smaller Companies are Bigger Targets for Cybercriminals

It is a common misbelief that cybercriminals primarily pursue high-profile targets like airlines, car manufacturers, or hospitals. However, the media only reports the attacks that will create a lot of attention and make a good headline while ignoring the attacks on smaller operations. Analysts who have been documenting cybercriminals during the pandemic say that “they […]

If you think your business is safe from cyber-attacks, think again. The company that makes your car just fell victim to one.

Honda, one of the top global car manufacturers, has just experienced a cyber attack on its global operations. More specifically a file-encrypting ransomware attack, which was made to encrypt files and demand a ransom. This caused Honda to temporarily shut down production facilities as well as their financial services and customer service operations. However, there […]

With cyberattacks up during COVID-19, Ostra offers free cybersecurity solution for local businesses

Ostra offers free cybersecurity to businesses during COVID-19, protecting from cyberthreats while employees work remotely.

The state of cybersecurity in the time of coronavirus. Important considerations while working remotely.

While businesses hustle to migrate their workforce online, cyber attackers seize the moment.  Now that sheltering in place is commonplace, digital collaboration is the new norm. Cyber security is more important than ever. Remote work environments including personal devices, home routers, and anxious employees put sensitive business data at risk. As we widen the net […]

Iran’s Potential Cyber Threat: What to Know

Geopolitical Impacts Ostra’s threat intelligence partner, FireEye, assesses with high confidence that Iranian cyber espionage presents a high-frequency, serious intensity threat particularly to organizations in the government, oil and gas, telecommunications, and financial services industries located in the United States, Saudi Arabia, and other Middle Eastern countries.  Historically state-sponsored actors have conducted cyber espionage or […]

Ransomware Shuts Down Tele-Fundraising Company

Company closes doors without notice. A tele-fundraising firm in Arkansas shut down, telling employees they should “search for other employment,” after recovery efforts from a ransomware attack failed. The Heritage Company lost hundreds of thousands of dollars after they paid a ransom to the attackers but still were unable to restore systems. After two months […]

Cybersecurity: 2020

Threat actors have a very real opportunity to make big returns.  In the cybersecurity world, the bad guys are picking up the pace and the deluge of attacks isn’t likely to let up. Experts predict bolder actions and attacks by threat actors, and stricter regulations and lawsuits by regulators and consumers. Cybercrime will intensify in […]

Ransomware: 2019 A Gangbuster Year for the Cybercriminals

Explosive and sustained growth made ransomware infections the top cyber scourge of 2019 for businesses of all sizes. Ransomware operators swarmed government, healthcare and education targets in unprecedented numbers. A recent report tallies the total number of incidents in 2019 at nearly a thousand. While cybercriminals spawned public attacks on cities across the U.S., they were […]

Ignoring a Ransom Demand Just Got Harder

[ Attacks and Stolen Data Published By Attackers. Ostra Provides Protection. Ransomware attackers have turned up the nasty dial by outing victims who refuse to pay and threatening to go public with their stolen data. Several modern ransomware strains capable of collecting and stealing a victim’s data before encrypting files play into a broad new trend […]

Phishing Attack: The Power of One Email

Ostra Delivers Smarter Protection to Minimize Security Risks Access is everything – and phishing attacks give attackers access. As an attack method, phishing is easy and it works. All it takes is a believable email to get people to click on, and a fake website to land on.  According to industry research, over one third […]

Major US Managed Service Provider Attacked

Ostra Offers Access to Best-In-Class Security Products One of the largest data center providers in the US, CyrusOne, was infected with ransomware yesterday which encrypted customer devices and network data. The same ransomware family was used in a rash of attacks earlier this summer, which included several managed service providers, local governments in Texas, and over 400 US […]

2,400 Nursing Homes Immobilized in Ransomware Attack

Ostra’s Intrusion Detection Layers Prevent Advanced Persistent Attacks Cyber criminals found a vulnerable target when they attacked Virtual Care Provider Inc (VCPI). This classic advanced persistent threat began with a breach over a year ago, and in the 14 months after VCPI was first compromised, the groundwork was laid for a full-fledged ransomware infestation. Businesses […]

Disney+ Accounts Hacked Within Hours of Launch

Ostra Prevents Info-Stealing Malware Disney+ streaming service launched last week, and only hours later thousands of stolen account credentials were up for sale. Disney customer complaints flooded popular social media networks like Twitter and Reddit, reporting that hackers accessed their accounts, changed email and passwords to take over the account, locking the rightful owner out. […]

Simple Mistake, High Price Tag

Ostra Prevents Business Email Compromise Scams  Social engineering has propelled Business Email Compromise (BEC) to new heights of scammer success. Cyber-criminals can construct well crafted and highly detailed emails due to the wealth of information they can collect from social media and also purchase on the dark web. In an increasingly digital age of banking, […]

ConnectWise: Hackers Target Remote Management Tools

Ostra’s Best-In-Class Security Prevents Management System Attacks Remote IT management systems provide what cyber-cyber-criminals want the most — access to potential victims and infrastructure designed to make that access easy and direct. Florida-based ConnectWise publicly acknowledged last Thursday that malicious actors were targeting open ports of ConnectWise in an active and ongoing campaign with the […]

High Stakes for Small and Medium Business

88% of Small Businesses Feel Vulnerable to Cyberthreats. Ostra Changes the Math. Eileen Mannings Minneapolis-based event group was attacked a few years ago on the eve a a Cyber Security conference she stages every fall. By current standards, the attack against Manning’s firm was relatively tame and manageable. Much has changed in recent years as […]

CPA Phishing Season

Fall accounting madness is the perfect time for a cyber-criminal to strike. The IRS, states and tax industry partners continue to warn tax professionals to beware of the continuing threat of phishing emails, which remain the most common tactic used by cybercriminals to steal sensitive data. Particularly during the fall logjam triggered by the flood […]

Focused Ransomware Attacks

Costs Rise for Vulnerable Businesses Ostra can prevent cyber-criminals from cashing in on SMB targets. Ransom demands nearly doubled in 2019 and recovery time from a ransomware incident also rose sharply. This record-setting trend is something SMB’s need to pay particular attention to. The dramatic increase in ransomware costs stem from the new powerful strains […]

MSP Ransomware Infections

Cybercriminals hit the jackpot with MSP Ransomware Infections: Tools and capabilities MSPs use to serve customers were used against them. Ostra has a solution for that. MSPs have what cyber-cyber-criminals want the most — access to potential victims and infrastructure designed to make that access easy and direct. A ransomware gang got just that type […]

Breach and Bankruptcy

Breach puts top debt collection supplier out of business. Ostra can help make sure SMB suppliers are not the weak link. American Medical Collection agency (AMCA) was a supplier of medical debt collection services to large clinical laboratories, hospitals and physicians groups until a data breach put them out of business last week. The breach […]

Can SMBs Break the Microsoft XP Chains that Bind?

Stuck with old technology? Microsoft offers zero-day exploit patches for an 18 year old operating system. Ostra can do better. The majority of businesses, industrial control centers, and hospitals don’t use Microsoft XP by choice, but a lot of them still do. Old systems are particularly vulnerable because known exploits still work, and unsupported operating […]

Unpatched and Vulnerable

Windows XP and Server 2012: Ostra’s solution keeps unpatched systems safe.   Two years after WannaCry crippled computer systems across the globe there are still nearly 1.7 million unpatched exposed endpoints. More than 400,000 of these vulnerable devices are in businesses, industrial control networks and hospitals across the United States. Stolen NSA hacking tools used […]

When Hospitals Need Bandaids

Infection Prevention: Hospitals are vulnerable to cybercrime. Ostra is the solution.   For the past two days, IT teams in hospitals across the country have gathered in command centers to secure older devices from a security vulnerability. This came at the urging of the Microsoft Security Response Center, which discovered the “zero day” threat on […]

Is Anti-Virus Enough Security For Small Business?

It’s Not Me, Anti-Virus, It’s you: Why an imminent break-up with anti-virus as a security solution is a good idea.   Small and medium business owners may want to re-think their belief that anti-virus gives them the protection they need after three major AV companies were breached by a high profile Russian hacking group. 30 […]