Why We Exist

Ostra Cybersecurity is passionate about protecting small businesses and mid-sized companies. Ostra was founded by cybersecurity trailblazer Michael Kennedy after a transformative conversation around the campfire. As he heard his friend share about a recent ransomware attack on his business, Michael knew he must do something to prevent others from dealing with this same type of uncertainty and chaos. This begged the question: Doesn’t everyone deserve best-in-class data protection—not just big business? The resounding YES motivated him to build Ostra. Read more about The Ransomware Attack That Sparked Ostra Cybersecurity. 

Ostra fills the gaps in your overall cybersecurity strategy with holistic, multi-layered, fully managed Security as a Service. Our proprietary solutions combine Fortune 100-caliber tools, tech, and talent, and we package everything into a fully-managed platform. Your Ostra solutions are managed by real, approachable people who are subject matter experts in integration, security management, monitoring and remediation.  

Founded to Protect SMBs

As Your Trusted Cybersecurity Team, Ostra makes cybersecurity simple and accessible to businesses of all sizes. So instead of reacting to constant alerts, you can get back to what you do best. From seamless up-front integration to ongoing endpoint remediation, Ostra empowers you to streamline your operations and see more results.  

See how we can simplify cybersecurity for your business and clients. 

What We Do


Ostra is the Spanish word for oyster. Just as the oyster shell was made to protect the valuable pearl inside, Ostra’s multi-layered, fully managed cybersecurity solutions are designed to protect your most valuable asset: your data. 

Trust Ostra’s down-to-earth, proactive team of experts to stand between you and the criminals who want your data. Ostra Cybersecurity combines best-in-class tools, proprietary technology and exceptional talent to deliver Fortune 100-level protection for businesses of all sizes. Sleep soundly at night while Your Trusted Cybersecurity Team proactively hunts, remediates and resolves threats in real time. 

Contact us to explore how Ostra safeguards your data as Your Trusted Cybersecurity Team. 

Our Values

Lead the Way

Be innovative and take charge.
Identify problems and find a solution.

Be Relentless

Go the extra mile. Do the work, even when
it’s hard. Engage until the task is done.

We Care

Be a good teammate. Serve the client with
compassion. And do it because you care.

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