Cyber jargon won’t protect your clients

Today’s SMBs are frustrated with poor service and lack of trust when it comes to cybersecurity. SMBs can’t afford to increase their workload, and they don’t need a managed cybersecurity partner who uses cyber jargon to sound “smarter” or sell them things they don’t need.  

Ostra takes a different approach. We cut through the noise to make cybersecurity simple and relatable, using language that increases clarity and meets your clients where they are. Trust Ostra’s down-to-earth, proactive team to make a great impression that aligns with the integrity of your brand—we won’t leave you or your clients unguarded.  

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Cyber jargon and cybersecurity

Boost your reputation. Retain more clients.

Today, most MSPs are under constant pressure with the threat of clients switching to new service providers. In the cybersecurity market, being stretched too thin doesn’t help you retain clients. You need a fully managed cybersecurity solution that builds your reputation as the hero for your clients. 

Ostra’s innovative, holistic managed cybersecurity solutions will impress your current clients and grow your business. Best of all, you’ll be leveraging Ostra’s superior tools, technology, and talent to give SMB clients the Fortune 100-caliber cybersecurity protection they deserve.  

Specialization and synergy

Cybersecurity and IT are related, but they must operate as separate centers of excellence to ensure cybersecurity measures are effective. You wouldn’t trust your internal accounting team over an independent third party to audit your financial statements. So why would your burden your IT team with something as complex as cybersecurity? Adequate protection requires security defense teams with specialized skills and roles that cover the perimeter 

Ostra provides best-in-class managed cybersecurity protection solutions with a team that knows how to use them—so you focus on what you’re great at and deliver exceptional IT service to clients. This specialized, synergistic approach means you will be more available to come through for your clients when they need you most. 

Lean on our expertise

Trust our team of cybersecurity experts to do what we do best. Ostra’s best-in-class tools, tech, and talent won’t let you down.

Be Exceptional

WOW your clients with a focus on actual protection, not just alerts. Ostra’s remediation and resolution capabilities and exceptional service will enhance your firm’s reputation.

Increase your profitability

Conserve time and resources. Extend your cybersecurity team’s capabilities without adding headcount or having to actively manage anything. 

Join our community of Channel Partners

It’s not complicated. Integrating Ostra’s managed cybersecurity solutions into your business allows you to expand your services with minimal work on your part. We’ll take care of everything behind the scenes to ensure your clients are satisfied with their cybersecurity solution. With Ostra, you can effectively protect all of your clients’ devices and endpoints. 

Through our network of Managed Cybersecurity Partners, Ostra works with MSPs and IT service providers who need to deliver best-in-class cybersecurity solutions for their SMB clients as part of a broader IT services strategy. This approach uniquely enables Ostra to protect SMBs at scale by providing a true cybersecurity team tailored to their unique needs—all at a fraction of the insourcing cost.  

Ostra is passionate about simplifying cybersecurity for:  

  • Managed Service Providers (MSP) 
  • IT Consultants / vCISOs  
  • Incident Response Firms  
  • Assessment Firms 
  • Service / Solution Providers 


“Cybersecurity threats on financial companies are real. We are comforted knowing these threats are being actively prevented and monitored by seasoned experts who understand our industry’s compliance requirements.”

“Ostra is not trying to shoehorn their solution into things, hoping it works. Ostra is very good at vetting the issues… customizing their solution to make sure it fits, and making sure our customers are happy when they’re through.”

“We are confident in Ostra’s technical ability, and they care about customers. They are fantastic people.”

“Ostra Cybersecurity completes our solution – 70% of their technology stack is what I would have chosen, and the other 30% checks all the boxes for me.”

Do you share our passion to protect SMBs? Explore the possibilities of becoming an Ostra Channel Managed Cybersecurity Partner.