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Cybersecurity has many complex components—ransomware prevention, mobile device security, cloud data protection and more. Don’t waste valuable resources sifting through different products to find the ideal cybersecurity mix for your clients.

Ostra's best-in-class cybersecurity solution is managed by our trusted team of remediation experts. We've got you covered.

Set it and forget it

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Businesses of All Sizes Benefit From a White Label Cybersecurity Partner

Integrating white label cybersecurity solutions into your current security suite allows you to expand your services with minimal work on your part. We’ll take care of everything behind the scenes and ensure that your customers are satisfied with their new cybersecurity solution. With Ostra, you can effectively protect all of your customer’s devices and endpoints.

Say goodbye to

technology silos

Dealing with technology silos can be frustrating and time-consuming. Ostra eliminates the need for service providers to cobble together cybersecurity solutions on their own —which creates security vulnerabilities.

Deliver one, hassle-free solution that is consistently updated, seamlessly integrated and managed in the background by our team of experts. This allows you to focus on being the trusted advisor for your clients’ overall IT needs.

Be the cybersecurity

hero for your clients

Our robust solution tackles “zero-day” ransomware and malware threats that are brand new, as well as known threats. Trust Ostra to provide comprehensive data security that eliminates risk and meets your clients’ compliance requirements.

After a very simple onboarding and set up process, Ostra’s solution runs behind the scenes with zero downtime for your employees and clients.

Lean into expert resources

Don’t tackle the complexities of cybersecurity on your own. Our trusted cybersecurity team provides the expertise, educational resources, training, sales and marketing tools, and ongoing support to ensure you get exactly what you need to grow your business.

Proactively protect your clients

Eliminate threats for your clients that others do not with a comprehensive, multi-layered solution. Put our Fortune 100-level technology to work and provide the right level of protection for your SMB clients in a cost-effective way.

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to better protect small businesses to mid-sized companies.

Our clients can speak to our work firsthand

“Working with Ostra was a no-brainer for our firm. They provide a one-stop, full service cyber security solution that requires little attention from our team. On top of that, they are simply great people with great values that we enjoy working with – true partners that consistently have gone above and beyond in their efforts to ensure we are happy and safe.”

Investment ManagementMMX Management

“Cybersecurity threats on financial companies are real. We are comforted knowing these threats are being actively prevented and monitored by seasoned experts who understand our industry’s compliance requirements.”

Financial Services Partner

“I was impressed with the Ostra team’s experience and education in the industry. Our client data is as sensitive and attractive to hackers as anyone’s. With Ostra I have implicit trust that my sensitive data and law practice are protected.”

Legal PartnerHarold Slawik, Co-Founder

“Ostra is not trying to shoehorn their solution into things, hoping it works. Ostra is very good at vetting the issues… customizing their solution to make sure it fits, and making sure our customers are happy when they’re through.”

John Harmon, President at FRSecureFRSecure, Channel Partner

“One of the big things Osta is excellent at is the deployment of their tools, and how their team works with our organization and the clients that we have. Ostra made it really easy to bring those tools in, and explain it to our clientele.”

Chris Steffl, Managing Partner at CyberFinCyberFin, Channel Partner

“We are confident in Ostra’s technical ability, and they care about customers. They are fantastic people.”

Channel Partner

“Ostra Cybersecurity completes our solution – 70% of their technology stack is what I would have chosen, and the other 30% checks all the boxes for me.”

Channel Partner

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a unique space as your trusted cybersecurity team

Ostra provides the cybersecurity education, tools and ongoing support so our Channel Partners and their customers can truly set it and forget it. We even take care of all the product updates, so there’s nothing to worry about.