Number of Coronavirus-Related Scams Jump

The Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) has noted a large increase in cyber threat complaints per day. Before the COVID-19 pandemic began, they were receiving around 1,000 complaints daily. Now, they receive 4,000 complaints a day.

These cyber threats are foreign groups trying to steal COVID-19 related information. As well as cybercriminals trying to exploit users working from home. Health agencies have reported an increase in cyber threats as well, as they are a very profitable target for cyber criminals.

“Near the start of the epidemic, researchers at the cybersecurity company Barracuda Networks reported a 667 percent increase in “phishing” emails.”

These emails are sent with the purpose of downloading viruses onto the recipient’s computers. With the increase in reported phishing scams, it is important to understand and identify possible scams when going through your emails.

Protect your business and your employees

Numbers don’t lie, and the possibility of your business falling victim to a cyber attack has never been higher. Protecting your business and sensitive data is a priority in the era of cybercrime.

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