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Cyber Threats Are Real

Ostra provides comprehensive & enterprise-grade cyber security at a price that makes it accessible to small & medium-sized businesses.

Is your company prepared?

Ostra provides the most complete and advanced layered Internet security solution with industry best technologies to stop threats before they reach you.




Attackers Target SMBs

As larger enterprises invest in sophisticated and costly systems necessary to protect against cyber-crime, cyber-criminals have moved their focus to small and midsized businesses unprepared to operate in a modern threat environment.

Costs extend beyond security incident

Many organizations significantly underestimate the scale of disruption they need to plan for. Initial costs to restore access to critical systems and replace damaged assets are compounded by the cost of brand damage, loss of business, public relation costs, legal fees, and fines.


Many security solutions can only detect threats that have already been identified and analyzed by security experts. Ostra’s uses industry leading advanced threat detection to combat both known and never-before-seen attacks.

Enterprise Grade

Ostra’s centralized multi-tenant solution offers affordable advanced technology previously only available to large enterprises.  We invested in the infrastructure to make strong security efficient and accessible.


We combine multiple layers of defense to give you technology that was previously only attainable by a handful of governments and Fortune 100 companies.

Cybersecurity Made Easy

Ostra’s local account team learns your business to understand and address your security risks. We use a subscription based model that allows you to pay monthly based on the number of users in your company. With Ostra cybersecurity is easy, local, and approachable.

"One of the main cyber-risks is to think they do not exist."

– Stephane Nappo, IBFS Global CISO

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