Why Ostra

The Ostra Difference

The cybersecurity industry is complex and overwhelming. Today, it’s estimated that the average small business deploys a dozen or more different security tools; a medium-sized business averages several dozen; and an enterprise deploys more than 100. Installing, managing, and integrating those tools requires resources—and that’s even before you get those alerts that require more investigation, remediation, and resolution.  

Every cyber vendor on the market has tools, but we take a different approach. Ostra’s cybersecurity solutions are unique because of three differentiating factors: our Proprietary Mesh Architecture, our Data River, and our Human Expertise 

Keep reading below to learn more about what enables Ostra to lead the way in cybersecurity innovation. 

Ready for cutting-edge cybersecurity? Experience the Ostra difference.

Unmatched Protection

Proprietary Mesh Architecture

Ostra Founder Michael Kennedy has always been ahead of his time. He spent years developing what Gartner has just recently come to define as Cybersecurity Mesh Architecture (CSMA)—an innovative, collaborative ecosystem of tools and controls to secure a modern, distributed enterprise. But instead of using its proprietary mesh architecture to protect the world’s biggest corporations, Ostra tailored its solutions to fit SMBs. 

While a business could try to build something similar to Ostra’s proprietary solutions, it would be nearly impossible because:

  • It would take years of research & development (R&D)
  • It requires huge budgets to construct
  • SMBs & IT service providers don’t traditionally have access Fortune 100-caliber tools

Unmatched Threat Intelligence

Data River

Thanks to its proprietary mesh architecture, Ostra created a Data River with ever-evolving intelligence flowing through its sensors. This enables Ostra’s system to constantly improve and strengthen over time—like an immune system for cyber threats.  

All Ostra clients benefit from being immersed in this Data River; it allows our team to immediately act and resolve issues with full remediation services.   

Unmatched Resolution

Human Expertise

Ostra’s real cybersecurity team has the skills, knowledge, and abilities to not just identify security issues, but to truly eliminate cyber threats.  

Its proprietary ecosystem enables its security analysts and threat intelligence researchers to move beyond alerts and take meaningful action to remediate and resolve threats.   


See why others rely on our proactive threat prevention and remediation. 

“Cybersecurity threats on financial companies are real. We are comforted knowing these threats are being actively prevented and monitored by seasoned experts who understand our industry’s compliance requirements.”

“Ostra is not trying to shoehorn their solution into things, hoping it works. Ostra is very good at vetting the issues… customizing their solution to make sure it fits, and making sure our customers are happy when they’re through.”

“One of the big things Osta is excellent at is the deployment of their tools, and how their team works with our organization and the clients that we have. Ostra made it really easy to bring those tools in, and explain it to our clientele.”

“We are confident in Ostra’s technical ability, and they care about customers. They are fantastic people.”

“Ostra Cybersecurity completes our solution – 70% of their technology stack is what I would have chosen, and the other 30% checks all the boxes for me.”