Ransomware is Getting Worse

Ransomware attacks are increasing, and not just for consumers.

Businesses have become a more valuable target for cybercriminals who are looking for a bigger payout. Cybersecurity experts say that ransomware attacks will only become a larger threat in the future.

As cybercriminal groups become more skilled in exploiting and bypassing network security defenses, they can start to target more sophisticated programs. By targeting more important businesses and their assets, like file servers, entire databases, and cloud services. These groups can demand a much higher ransom, with a much higher probability of being paid the ransom as well.

Recently a cybersecurity company has identified a cluster of attacks against multiple U.S. companies, including 8 Fortune 500 companies. These attacks were well planned out with the intent to deploy ransomware on the company networks. By using ransomware, the goal was to encrypt computer networks and servers, then demand a multi million-dollar ransom. The attackers were identified by the security company and disrupted before the companies had to pay millions, and lose valuable operating time.

Attacks like these are well coordinated and usually begin taking place weeks before anyone notices. 

“Cyber criminals often spend weeks poking around in a network before they make their attack, which means they have time to understand key digital assets, like the CEO’s emails for example, allowing them to put even more pressure on their victims”.

Protect yourself from Ransomware

It is more important today then ever before to keep your business protected from the high possibility of a ransomware attack. Especially as ransomware becomes more sophisticated. You could be caught having your data encrypted before even realizing it’s happening. 

Ostra Cybersecurity offers a Fortune 100 caliber solution, that is simple to deploy and use whether your business is 20 people or 2000. Ostra provides active defense protection for your businesses’ data and acts immediately instead of monitoring and alerting like many antiviruses do. 

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