60% of Organizations Experience Cyberattacks Spread by Their Employees

With today’s huge increase in phishing attacks. Many organizations still do not provide regular cybersecurity awareness training, some don’t even have a security solution.

A new report from security vendor, Mimecast, highlights the current issues surrounding social engineering attacks. Many surprising statistics help to explain why phishing attacks are successful and how they affect the organizations. The lack of training, security programs, and an increase in remote work all play a role.

  • 51% of organizations have been impacted by ransomware in the last year
  • 58% saw an increase in phishing attacks
  • 82% have experienced downtime from an attack

These numbers show that many businesses are not prepared when it comes to cybersecurity. There has been an increase in phishing attacks, especially targeting remote workers who might be more vulnerable. Even though organizations know that the numbers are getting worse, statistics show that its their own employees that are responsible

  • 60% of organizations have had their own employees spread malicious emails
  • 55% do not provide regular security awareness training
  • 41% do not even have a system in place to monitor for phishing scams

Organizations need to take the security measures necessary to protect against phishing attacks. Which starts with a cyber security solution.

Ostra Cybersecurity has a solution that provides 24/7 proactive protection to all employees, regardless of where they are located. Ostra extends multiple layers of protection around the Internet Service Provider hardening the defenses and creating active barriers preventing criminals’ access to employee’s hardware and company data.

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