Experts Say the Largest Cyberattack in History is Coming Soon

Experts are predicting the largest cyberattack ever in the next 6 months. Here’s Why.

When the coronavirus pandemic started, many people were only worried about how to keep working from home. Nobody was thinking about how businesses and their virtual security defenses were about to be exposed. Exposed to many more cyberthreats due to an increased “attack surface”.


Businesses are More Vulnerable Than Ever Before

Usually, if a company has their employees doing remote work, they provide them with a secure work laptop. The employees must go through many security measures to access their work material. Usually, a secure wi-fi connection is also required.

However, since the beginning of the pandemic, millions of Americans were forced to quickly switch to remote work. Without time to set up secure systems, many companies were left with only one option. Letting their employees work from their personal laptop, on their unsecured home network.

This is the perfect scenario for cybercriminals. All it takes is one entry point to take over the whole network. Every employee working from home, is one more entry point that cybercriminals can target. This creates a larger attack surface for every business with remote workers.

More remote workers than ever before mean that businesses are more vulnerable than ever before. Therefore, the possibility of a cyberattack bigger than ever seen before is dangerously high.


“Hackers broke into the networks of America’s largest defense contractor, Lockheed Martin, by targeting remote workers. If they can infiltrate this system, you best believe remote workers with little security are easy pickings.”

Smaller Attack Surface = Smaller Risk

How can businesses protect against the increased risk of a cyberattack during the pandemic? Decrease the attack surface.

Businesses with remote workers need to protect and secure the networks that their employees are using. It is important to decrease the number of entry points available. Ostra Cyber Security has a solution that will help decrease your attack surface.

The Ostra solution provides 360-degree 24/7 proactive protection to all employees, regardless of where they are located. What that means is that Ostra becomes a secure ISP for remote employees working on a home or public Wi-Fi connections. Ostra extends multiple layers of protection around the Internet Service Provider hardening the defenses and creating active barriers preventing criminals’ access to employee’s hardware and company data.

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