Smaller Companies are Bigger Targets for Cybercriminals

It is a common misbelief that cybercriminals primarily pursue high-profile targets like airlines, car manufacturers, or hospitals. However, the media only reports the attacks that will create a lot of attention and make a good headline while ignoring the attacks on smaller operations.

Analysts who have been documenting cybercriminals during the pandemic say that “they are hitting lesser-known targets harder, especially those closely linked with big, influential companies”. By targeting smaller businesses, hackers aim to disrupt the operations of other companies related to where the actual hack took place. Small businesses with many clients are the most vulnerable for ransomware attacks. Because when an attack happens, the victim’s business is under a lot more pressure from its clients. This will increase the odds that the cybercriminals get their money while creating downtime that will cost the victim more than the ransom payment alone.

More than 60% of ransomware attacks in 2019 targeted small/medium-sized businesses

It is more important now than ever for smaller businesses to protect themselves with the same level of cybersecurity as the big businesses. Ostra Cyber Security offers a Fortune 100 caliber solution, that is simple to deploy and use whether you’re 20 people or 2000.

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