House Passes Legislation To Set Internet Of Things Security Standards

A new bill that was just passed will require that all Internet of Things devices purchased by the US government must meet set security requirements. Internet of Things devices is any everyday objects that connect via the internet to send/receive data. Things like smartwatches, smart home security devices, and wireless inventory trackers are all IoT devices.

This bill, called the IoT Cybersecurity Improvement Act, instructs the National Institute of Standards and Technology to enforce security standards that any government agency needs to follow when buying IoT devices.

“These devices must be secure in order to protect Americans’ personal data.” Rep. Kelly (IL)

Even though this bill doesn’t directly improve the security of millions of consumer Internet of Things devices that are already being used by Americans. Such as home voice assistants, smart TVs, and smartwatches. It is still a huge deal for long-term IoT security. Because government agencies are big customers, IoT manufacturers will have to adjust to meet the new standard if they want to keep their business. Most IoT manufacturers sell to the government and consumers, so it should encourage them to only follow one set of standards. Resulting in improved security standards for all future IoT devices.

Stay protected

This bill gives manufacturers 2 years to update their security standards. Some say this is too long of a wait considering there are currently millions of devices in the US that could be vulnerable to unknown or known exploits.

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