Cybersecurity Challenges and Concerns of Remote Working

A new report by Malwarebytes wanted to investigate the new normal of working from home (WFH). They measured the immediate reaction to the pandemic and also businesses’ future cybersecurity strategy. The cybersecurity company surveyed more than 200 executives and managers in IT and cybersecurity roles at US companies.

Organizations’ challenges to remote working

Switching to working from home created a new set of challenges for companies. The biggest challenge for most was maintaining efficient cybersecurity, especially those who had already been facing cybersecurity threats before the pandemic.

55% of the respondents said their biggest challenge was training employees how to work from home securely and compliantly.

Image: Malwarebytes

Biggest cybersecurity concerns

There are a lot of concerns for IT and cybersecurity managers/executives with the switch to remote work. Many of the concerns involve the inevitable increase of ransomware and malware attacks overall. Many employees do not have proper cybersecurity training and don’t know how to avoid common cyberthreats, like phishing scams. Employees also lack cybersecurity protections for their home devices and ISP.

45% of respondents say their biggest concern is other individuals who have access to an employees device and may inadvertently compromise it.

Image: Malwarebytes

Protect your business, keep your employees secured

Human mistakes are inevitable and its what cybercriminals depend on to exploit and hack a business. These mistakes are much more likely to happen when employees are working from home. It is important for your business to manage and secure the scattered endpoints, which are your employees. Working from home could be the new normal for a long time, consider using an affordable and effective cyber-security program.

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