Cybersecurity is a Business Decision

Today, many companies struggle with their cybersecurity budget. Either not spending enough or spending too much, both issues result in unreliable cybersecurity.

Several CISOs have said that their cybersecurity budget comes from the ROI and contribution it adds to the business. Making sure the business is secure while creating growth and profit is what makes cybersecurity a business decision.

When cybersecurity spending is not calculated and not part of a solid business plan, many endpoint security issues arise. Businesses need to track the effectiveness of their cybersecurity to define the ROI and create a budget.

“More than one of every three enterprise devices had an Endpoint Protection (EP), client management or VPN application out of compliance, further exposing entire organizations to potential threats”.

Businesses must keep their devices up to compliance otherwise the risk of a breach is imminent. Especially as most workers are remote which makes network security much more difficult to maintain.

Ostra keeps everything up to date meaning the latest threats are already neutralized before they attack.

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