CyberFin and Ostra: A Channel Partner Story

Ostra Cybersecurity collaborates closely with other technology companies to help them more effectively serve their diverse client groups. As a next-generation managed security services provider (MSSP), Ostra is always looking for opportunities to simplify cybersecurity while delivering value for our Channel Partners.

CyberFin is a Minnesota-based company that relentlessly focuses on protection for closely regulated businesses such as insurance agencies, financial services, brokerages and their commercial customers. As one of Ostra’s Channel Partners, CyberFin focuses on cybersecurity in the insurance and financial space.

This video features a conversation with Chris Steffl, Managing Partner at CyberFin, about what it’s like to work with Ostra Cybersecurity. Ostra leaders Joe Johnson (President) and Michael Kennedy (Founder) also discuss what makes the partnership with CyberFin work well, and how Ostra supports the good work that CyberFin is doing for their clients.

Click here to watch the video.

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