ConnectWise: Hackers Target Remote Management Tools

Ostra’s Best-In-Class Security Prevents Management System Attacks

Remote IT management systems provide what cyber-cyber-criminals want the most — access to potential victims and infrastructure designed to make that access easy and direct. Florida-based ConnectWise publicly acknowledged last Thursday that malicious actors were targeting open ports of ConnectWise in an active and ongoing campaign with the purpose of introducing ransomware to on-premise application customers. The specific ports, type of ransomware and targeted ConnectWise customers were not disclosed.

This is undoubtedly a worst-nightmare scenario for businesses who use ConnectWise to remotely manage computer networks. Such an obvious and lucrative entry point — an approved, privileged, understood, knowledgeable and centralized system used to manage a company’s computer systems — allows an attacker to “rapidly inflict as much pain as possible, bringing the company to its knees and maximizing the attacker’s reward.”


Exposing vulnerable RDP endpoints, preventing removal of anti-virus, and detecting unusual network activity are all functions that a comprehensive enterprise-grade security solution provides. Partner with Ostra for Enterprise Grade Security that provides best-in-class security services to integrate prevention, detection and response tools that recognize and halt attacks such as the one facing ConnectWise customers.