The state of cybersecurity in the time of coronavirus. Important considerations while working remotely.

While businesses hustle to migrate their workforce online, cyber attackers seize the moment. 

Now that sheltering in place is commonplace, digital collaboration is the new norm. Cyber security is more important than ever. Remote work environments including personal devices, home routers, and anxious employees put sensitive business data at risk. As we widen the net of devices connected, we are also inadvertently providing more access points for malicious activities.

With the quick rush to set up remote office environments, security has often been deprioritized in favor of moving quickly. We want to help protect your business and your data in a way that won’t slow down your team. 

Phishing attacks have already increased by 350% amid the quarantine.

At least 300,000 suspicious COVID-19 websites were created over two weeks in March.

In a chaotic time with employees operating from an increased sense of fear, they are more susceptible to phishing scams. Bad actors are impersonating trustworthy health organizations and other government agencies to lure people into clicking, downloading, and giving sensitive information. Ransomware and cyber espionage is on the rise with known global cybercriminal groups already infiltrating and exposing sensitive information of businesses and their clients. Many of the companies and hospitals that have been hit are being held liable for these breaches by the clients and patients who have been affected.

The importance of digital security hygiene

While cyber-attackers seize the moment, remote employees may not implement proper security hygiene while working across their devices creating the perfect conditions for infiltration. Now more than ever before it is important to take vigilant steps to safeguard your business and use secure VPNs and WiFi networks, password managers, and have a more critical eye while navigating online.

Business cannot afford the cost or risk of losing their vulnerable data to ransomware attacks. In addition to prevention, early detection is key. With a comprehensive system virus’s and other infections are detected, contained, and remediated quickly, mitigating destructive breaches and costs.

Cyber attacks are on the rise

FireEye reports that 75% of ransomware attacks happen within three days, and often strike during off-hours or weekends, making around the clock monitoring critical. For organizations monitoring from a distance or working on a skeleton crew, detecting attacks within the nick of time may not be possible. Some good news, we can take proactive steps today to mitigate risks to companies, employees, and clients before they become issues. 

Ostra offers a free solution to cover your needs

In response to more vulnerable remote working situations, Ostra is offering our proprietary cybersecurity solution free of charge to new clients to help with the next couple of months, or whenever this blows over. We can help you provide secure VPN access and protection for email, end-points, and against malware and ransomware attacks. Our system can be installed remotely and have you up and running quickly.  If you partner with us during this time, you will receive regular reporting detailing the malicious threats we blocked and we may ask for feedback on our services along the way.

We’re here to provide a sphere of protection around your digital world, so you can focus on your business, employees, clients, and families during these challenging times and year-round.

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