There are 15 Billion Stolen Logins on the Dark Web

A new report found the true number of stolen account logins that are currently circulating around the dark web. After auditing dark web forums and marketplaces for 18 months, the report found a 300% increase in the number of stolen account logins since 2018. Now there are 15 billion stolen usernames and passwords from over 100 thousand data breaches.

What happens to the account logins?

With 15 billion login credentials many are just given away for free, but more valuable ones can be worth a lot of money. The average price for online banking and other financial account logins is $70.91 each. Some banking accounts are reported to sell for upward of $500. Anti-virus and security program logins sell for an average price of $21.67. Many social media, music, and video streaming accounts sell for under $10 on the dark web.

The real money comes from domain administrator accounts that can give hackers access to the business network. These account logins sell in auction-style for cybercriminals who will pay up to $120,000. The price depends on the access privileges of the account. Account logins like these are stolen through phishing emails and other social engineering campaigns on employees.

Protect your employee’s logins

Protecting your passwords is extremely important. Especially since most compromised credentials belong to consumers. It is necessary to avoid re-using passwords and to use two-factor authentications if possible. One compromised employee login could lead to a lot of damage for your business.

Ostra Cyber Security eliminates the human errors that can lead to stolen logins by preventing the phishing emails, suspect inquiries, and social engineering campaigns from reaching employees. Ostra will help you keep your employee’s credentials out of the hands of cybercriminals.

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