Connected-Car Cyberattacks Have Doubled Since Last Year

There are more connected cars on the road every year than ever before. Even though these cars make everyday life more convenient for consumers, they are way more likely to be targeted in a cyberattack than traditional cars. It is estimated that connected car cyberattacks have doubled in the last year alone.

The average connected car has over 150,000,000 lines of code

A cyberattack is more likely to occur when there are more lines of code for hackers to attack. Hackers only need a small portion of the code to gain access to all the data available.

Recently Nissan had to shut down one of their connected car apps after security testers found a vulnerability. Cybercriminals “were able to connect to the car via the internet and remotely control the car’s heated seating, fans, air conditioning, and heated steering wheel”. This means that cars could have their battery drained without the owner realizing it.

Keyless Theft

The main way that theft of connected cars occurs is through the keyfob. Most thefts occur while the car is parked at the owner’s house, and the thieves don’t even need the key. By amplifying or duplicating the signal from the car key inside the house, they can trick the car into thinking the key is being used. When successful, thieves can steal cars in under 30 seconds.

Stay Protected

Protect yourself and your connected car by only downloading official apps, keeping your car software up to date, and limit the personal data you trust your car with.

Ostra Cybersecurity extends multiple layers of protection around your network, hardening the defenses and creating active barriers preventing criminals from exposing any lurking vulnerabilities, like installing malware and taking control of your car.

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