Android Faces New Security Threat, Malware That Spreads Itself

Self-Spreading Android Malware

There is a new type of malware that has recently appeared on Android phones throughout the world. This malware can steal personal information, bank details, and can read your text messages. Once the phone is infected, it uses the user’s contact list to spread itself through text messaging.

FakeSpy Malware is linked to a Chinese-speaking cybercriminal group called ‘Roaming Mantis’. There have been other campaigns of this malware in the past. However, it is always evolving and is updated to stay undetected by updated security measures.

Recently Android users in the US, UK, Germany, China, and others have been under threat of this new malware. The attack starts through a phishing campaign, users receive a message related to a missed package from the post office. The link then leads them to download a fake app that appears to be the real post office app. Once the app is downloaded and users have granted minimal access, the data-stealing begins. Once the app is downloaded, the page even redirects to the actual website to appear more authentic.

Once the phone is infected, FakeSpy can steal all personal information on the phone, including all text messages sent & received. The malware spreads itself too, by using the stolen contact list, it sends the fake delivery message to all the user’s contacts.

Protect against phishing attacks

With phishing scams like this always being sent between phones, it is important to have cybersecurity that will protect your network and information immediately when faced with a threat. Your business and employees have a greater chance now than ever to be targeted for a phishing scam or worse.

Ostra Cyber Security provides active defense protection for your businesses’ and employees’ data and acts immediately instead of monitoring and alerting as many antiviruses do.

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