Blackbaud Pays After Ransomware Attack

Blackbaud, one of the largest providers of fundraising technology to nonprofits, universities, and other charities was hacked. After a ransomware attack left important data encrypted, Blackbaud was forced to either pay the ransom or let the data be sold to other cybercriminals. Blackbaud paid in Bitcoin and received confirmation that the data was destroyed.

It is unknown how much was paid to the hackers, but the ransom was not paid until there was sufficient proof that the data was destroyed. Blackbaud officials say that credit card info, bank account info or social security numbers were not stolen. To ensure the privacy of its customers, the company hired outside-experts to monitor the internet and dark web. To make sure that no information was released or sold by the hackers.

Blackbaud is the target of millions of cyberattacks each month

The company follows the industry best practices and they conduct aggressive tests on the security of their systems and infrastructure. They are a part of many Cyber Security related organizations. Officials claim to have implemented additional security measures to prevent this from happening again.

This is the second time this year that a major provider for the nonprofit sector was hacked. Earlier this year MIP, a financial software company, was hacked and users were locked out for 3 weeks.

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