Ostra Cybersecurity Year in Review: 2023

As we welcome a new year, we’d like to extend our sincerest gratitude to our Channel Partners, clients, shareholders, and industry colleagues for their invaluable contributions to our continued success. In our fifth year as a company, we sustained rapid growth while enhancing operational efficiencies, ensuring the safeguarding of an increasing number of small and mid-sized companies through our expanding Channel Partner network.

A Look Back at 2023


Expanded Offerings focused on Remediating the Real Problem

In a rapidly changing world where SMBs are overwhelmed and alert-fatigued, Ostra expanded its industry-leading cyber threat remediation services with Ostra EncompassTM and Ostra ExtendTM.  

In the realm of cybersecurity, the real challenges facing SMBs and the IT providers who serve them extend beyond technology; it is fundamentally a people and talent issue. This growing problem propelled Ostra to introduce these expanded offerings, enhancing our capability to address this issue directly in the market. 

Instead of merely receiving the alerts and advice commonly offered by most Managed Detection and Response (MDR) solutions, clients and partners alike can trust Ostra’s proactive team to handle the challenging task of remediating and resolving threats on their behalf. Going beyond typical products or services, we will continue to focus on changing the way cybersecurity is delivered in 2024 and beyond.

Managed Increased Threats

As Ostra continues to protect more channel partners and their SMB clients, the threat landscape naturally increases at an exponential rate. In 2023, Ostra’s client volume (email, endpoint, sensors, etc.) increased more than 3X over the previous year. However, instead of seeing a huge increase in alerts and events needing investigation and remediation, Ostra actually reduced the number of alerts and investigative events by 70% compared to last year.

So, how exactly was Ostra able to decrease time spent on security events and alerts amidst an unprecedented increase in threat volume? Let’s break it down… 

Increased Efficiencies 

Ostra operates fundamentally differently than typical cybersecurity vendors providing MDR or similar services—enabling us to increase efficiencies and focus on high-priority incidents. Bringing in Emad Bhatt to lead Technology Services also brought a heightened laser focus to the expansion of Ostra’s technology and security operations. 

In addition to being able to truly remediate and resolve threats in real-time, our tools and proprietary technology allow our team to:  

  • Quietly & efficiently elevate client security postures by enabling advanced security, enhanced visibility, automated event correlation, forensic analysis, and pattern recognition.  
  • Enhance internal operational efficiencies within our proprietary mesh architecture infrastructure and data river leveraging Automation, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning.  
  • Process more than 30 billion events, investigate 1.3 million alerts and remediate 20k security incidents last year alone.

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