Companies are Looking for Affordable Cybersecurity Solutions

It is estimated that more than half of the US workforce has transitioned to remote working. With more people working from home businesses are way more vulnerable. This has really increased overall cybersecurity spending for companies.

58% of companies represented in a recent Microsoft survey have increased their cybersecurity budgets in response to the pandemic.

Companies have spent the last months working overtime to meet business goals while also protecting the business from new and dangerous threats. Even though many companies are spending more to play defense, many are still being impacted by social engineering attacks, like phishing scams. Phishing scams have only become more popular as employees are now working on personal networks and devices.

Companies are Struggling with Complex Cybersecurity Programs

The COVID situation has made companies rethink their cybersecurity approach. Now companies are finding ways to increase the efficiency of their cybersecurity while also simplifying them.

“Companies are looking for simplicity, to date, security is too complicated.” – Andrew Conway, GM for Microsoft’s security marketing

Companies are struggling with complex and hard to use/install cybersecurity programs that use many different security tools from different vendors. Many programs require too much set-up or maintenance work. Companies and cybersecurity managers are looking for an affordable cybersecurity program that simplifies cyber defense and protects what matters.

Businesses NEED a simple and affordable cybersecurity program in place

Ostra is your cyber-security-solution that offers a 360 degree, 24/7 protection that works seamlessly in the background, protecting sensitive data and communications at every access point. Ostra Cyber Security is a software solution that knits together the top security solutions in the industry. We leverage known platforms such as FireEye and Palo Alto, to create a sphere of protection for your business and employees, no matter where they are located or what machine they are on.

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