Remote Work Boosts Cybersecurity Hiring

It is estimated that more than half of the US workforce has transitioned to remote working. With more people working from home businesses are way more vulnerable. This has increased the need for cybersecurity-related positions.

According to LinkedIn, there were 261 thousand open cybersecurity positions in April, 244 thousand in May, and 348 thousand in June. This has made the Cybersecurity and IT job market one of the top performers since the start of the pandemic. The sectors with the biggest need for cybersecurity positions have been Healthcare, Financial Services, IT and Services, and Retail.

Businesses NEED a cybersecurity plan

The threat of a cyberattack grows every day, especially if you’re a business that operates with remote workers. Cybercriminals are more active than ever, and they target the weakest links who do not have a good cybersecurity program/team in place.

Ostra is your security team of experts, without having to hire a full-time cybersecurity role. We manage and update the technology daily. Use your budget wisely and let the experts keep you safe.

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