Why One Data Breach Can Lead to More Cyber Attacks

Recently, cyberattacks have skyrocketed during the COVID-19 pandemic, which is a huge issue in the long run. Most businesses have become too used to these attacks, and usually, disregard the long-term effects that the breach has caused. Especially when gigabytes of personal customer information is stolen and posted on the dark web.

Personal Details Can Lead to Endless Threats

When a business becomes the victim of a data breach, usually they can pay the hackers and get the data back. But that is when the real threat starts. The business will do damage control and send out emails to their affected customers. The goal of the email is to establish a perception of safety and security. Even though the business has no idea who has access to their customers’ information.

The data that is lost in these incidents, like stolen personal data, lead to ransomware or “man-in-the-middle” breaches in the future.

“Ransomware exploits can arrive in email, text, messaging and social engineering. The success of these attacks counts on the appearance of legitimacy, which is why they often offer links, attachments, and messaging from familiar sources, sites, and people”.

The more personal information gathered from past breaches, the more likely they are to be the target of a social engineering attack. With loads of information, it’s easy for a hacker to pretend to be a close associate.

Data leaks that occur today may not even be harmful for years to come. As personal information is being sold, traded, and bought all over the dark web, long term security issues will emerge. Private information gathered throughout the next 5 years could help cyberattack hold an entire business network hostage.

Protect your customer information

To protect the organization, company IT security programs should be in the hands of professionally managed security teams or outsourced to managed security firms.

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