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How to Accelerate Cybersecurity Transformation for Small Business

The acceleration of technology and cybersecurity transformation has left many organizations unprepared. The migration of entire work teams from traditional offices to virtual teaming is daunting when there’s time to plan, catastrophic when pushed upon companies in response to COVID-19. Considering cybersecurity measures has never been so challenging, and so very important to preventing ransomware, protecting from malware, and establishing protocols for cloud data protection.

No business has faced a harsher reality than small and mid-sized businesses. Companies who cannot afford a CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) are left to read between the lines of numerous promotions and promises from various software and consulting companies promoting their individual solutions.

Gartner says COVID-19 is still top challenge for most organizations

Though a shortage of technical, security and IT personnel is problematic, and the rapid migration to cloud computing is challenging, Gartner states that “responding to COVID-19 remains the biggest challenge for most security organizations in 2020.” Beyond 2020, companies are still reeling from the digitization acceleration they were unprepared to tackle – and smaller companies need to find solutions that work like the big guys but are manageable for the little guys. In the Gartner Top 9 Security and Risk Trends for 2020, threat detection and response capability improvements took the #1 trend spot. It is not enough to respond after a threat has been made or a hack has begun, technology needs to detect, prevent and protect businesses from a cyber-attack.

Additionally, Gartner trends data privacy in the #5 spot. Privacy is no longer just a compliance, legal or auditing issue according to Gartner, it is an “influential, defined discipline of its own affecting almost all aspects of an organization.” Protection of data and privacy integrated in an overall cybersecurity transformation plan is essential for small business. So, who is providing Fortune 500 solutions in ways that are attainable to smaller sized businesses?

Gartner says now is the time to accelerate cybersecurity transformation

According to Gartner’s article, Why Now is the Time to Accelerate Digital, “organizations have to change, now. There is no option to continue on as they have. It has to be done to preserve the business and the future of the business.” Cybersecurity is a key part of the digital transformation that smaller companies must adopt and prioritize for their health and well-being.

Gartner suggests organizations apply digital business acceleration in these five dimensions:

  • The “everything customer,” who requires both deep personalization and ironclad privacy
  • Right-scoped growth, which may involve new customer segments and the abandonment of incumbent value propositions
  • A composable technology foundation that balances efficiency with resilience
  • An adaptable workforce, equipped with the skills, processes, information and autonomy to flex in the face of disruption
  • Any-scale operations that can spin up and down with demand and unforeseen circumstances

Ostra stands ready to help small business with digital transformation

“With cyber-attacks and security breaches on the rise, the need for better cybersecurity solutions and real system protection is no longer something to think about for the future,” said Michael Kennedy, Founder of Ostra Cybersecurity. Kennedy and his executive team, Joe Johnson and Paul Dobbins, have made it their mission to combine the best Fortune 500 technology into an easy-to-use suite of services manageable for smaller companies.

Seeing the opportunity to help smaller companies, Ostra went even further in its mission and designed a go-to-market strategy that marries them with the best technology companies already providing products and services to the small and mid-sized business market – Ostra’s channel partners.

“Our goal is to enable small to medium-sized business to have the cybersecurity protection we see larger organizations spend millions on each year,” said Kennedy. “Even better, to put our combined cybersecurity solution in the hands of the most reputable companies serving small businesses with IT solutions means that Ostra Cybersecurity’s positive impact for small business owners multiplies. We are taking down the barriers that stop small businesses from protecting their data, their systems, their employees, and their customers.”

An Ostra Cybersecurity solution can scale with a business, protect customer privacy, enable an adaptable workforce and be part of the technology foundation that sets a company up for long-term success.

Ostra Cybersecurity – Solving Problems Before They Happen

With Ostra Cybersecurity comes a team of experts in the field of relationship management, IT integrations and decades of combined cyber security expertise. We operate behind the scenes to protect businesses by managing Detection and Response before threats get in. This saves our clients time and tens of thousands of dollars dealing with costly problems associated with simply reacting to threats and data breaches after they occur.

Ostra makes it manageable for small companies to have access to Fortune 100 services and to understand how to prevent ransomware from infiltrating their systems. Ostra provides cloud data protection to avoid the various types of malware. Waiting until an attack happens is not a sound strategy, and we have made it our mission to provide data protection services to companies of all sizes.

By making cybersecurity technology simple, comprehensive, and accessible to business of all sizes, Ostra is helping create a world with greater data privacy and protection for all of us.

Ready to chart your path to cybersecurity transformation? Start by scheduling a free security audit with our team today.


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