If you think your business is safe from cyber-attacks, think again. The company that makes your car just fell victim to one.

Honda, one of the top global car manufacturers, has just experienced a cyber attack on its global operations. More specifically a file-encrypting ransomware attack, which was made to encrypt files and demand a ransom. This caused Honda to temporarily shut down production facilities as well as their financial services and customer service operations. However, there was no reported evidence to show a loss or theft of personal identifiable information. This temporary network shut down, which lasted for a couple of days, resulted in the loss of important business and profits in a time where most companies rely on online traffic.

It is not a coincidence that this cyber-attack occurred during this time when most employees are working from home. A CEO of a nationally recognized cybersecurity platform said that “The coronavirus pandemic has created a sizable remote workforce which has increased businesses’ attack surfaces and heightened existing vulnerabilities”. With today’s increased risk of a cyber-attack, it is important to have cybersecurity that will protect your network and information immediately when faced with a threat. Ostra Cyber Security provides active defense protection for your businesses’ data and acts immediately instead of monitoring and alerting as many antiviruses do. If it can happen to Honda, it could happen to you.


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