Ostra EncompassTM

Lean on Your Trusted Cybersecurity Team

Do you need an all-encompassing managed cybersecurity solution? Trust our down-to-earth, proactive team of experts to stand between you and the criminals who want your data. With Ostra Encompass, our trained cybersecurity experts serve as an extension of your team.  

Ostra’s layered security approach combines multiple Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) tools with 24/7 monitoring from our Security Operations Center (SOC). The Ostra Encompass solution also includes components such as Firewall/VPN, Endpoint Security/Antivirus and Malware Protection, Email Security, and ongoing Security Awareness Training. 

Sleep soundly at night while Your Trusted Cybersecurity Team proactively hunts, remediates and resolves threats in real time.

Ready for the Fortune 100-caliber cybersecurity protection you deserve?  

Core Elements of Ostra EncompassTM


Get back to running your business. Leave the cybersecurity to us:

  • One Holistic, Layered Solution
  • Expand Your IT/Security Team Capacity
  • Eliminate Security Gaps

Ready to revolutionize your cybersecurity? Contact Ostra and we’ll get it done.

The Ostra Difference

Thanks to the innovation and deep experience of our in-house cybersecurity experts, Ostra’s holistic approach is like no other. Here’s what sets Ostra apart:

Proprietary Mesh

Unmatched Protection

  • Sophisticated cybersecurity mesh architecture simplified for SMBs
  • Enterprise tools previously only accessible to huge corporations
  • Collaborative ecosystem leading to better security

Data River:

Unmatched Threat

  • Ever-evolving, ever-stagnant flow of data
  • Always improving and strengthening like an immune system
  • Made possible by our mesh architecture

Human Expertise:


  • Trained cybersecurity experts are now part of your team
  • Ecosystem allows for Remediation and Resolution, not just alerts
  • Think of us as having the secret service in-house instead of an alarm system

Put your critical categories of cybersecurity in capable hands. Contact Ostra to get started.