Managed Cybersecurity

The old way doesn’t work. You deserve a smarter approach to cybersecurity.

SMBs are overworked and alert-fatigued. They deserve a managed cybersecurity solution that goes beyond alerts and provides real resolution. Ostra provides our partners and clients with multi-layered, fully managed Security-as-a-Service. Going beyond typical products or services, Ostra is changing the way cybersecurity is delivered.  

Break down industry silos, simplify complex subjects with transparency, and fight cyber terror from the front lines with Ostra as Your Trusted Cybersecurity Team.

As Your Trusted Cybersecurity Team, our experts are equipped with the skills and knowledge to confront cybercriminals head-on. If you need a partner that doesn’t just identify cyber threats—but actually remediates and eliminates them on your behalf—then Ostra could be the right fit. 

Explore Ostra’s capabilities and cybersecurity components.

Fill your cybersecurity gaps with a holistic approach

Traditional cybersecurity vendors typically include Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), Managed Detection and Response (MDR), or Extended Detection and Response (XDR). While these services provide guidance and alerts that notify the client about issues to address, the journey to resolution is far from over. 

Do you think the burden of investigation, remediation, and resolution of these issues should be left to those who lack the time, resources or expertise to adequately address them? Neither do we. That’s why you won’t catch Ostra simply checking boxes and triggering alerts—instead, we are committed to going “all in” as Your Trusted Cybersecurity Team. 

Let Ostra do the hard work of filling your cybersecurity gaps. Our experts serve on the frontlines of the war on cybercrime every single day. We stand ready to investigate, remediate, and eliminate cyber threats on your behalf.

Ready for an expertly managed cybersecurity solution? 

Cover your critical categories of cybersecurity

Ostra’s ecosystem and architecture are unique when compared to other SaaS providers and cybersecurity firms. Our proprietary solutions are stitched together to ensure the critical categories of managed cybersecurity are covered.  Here are the capabilities and cybersecurity components that Ostra can cover for you:

24/7 Managed Security Operations Center (SOC)

Constant, vigilant monitoring of your environment with roundtheclock support from a knowledgeable team of cybersecurity experts. 

Endpoint Security (Antivirus & Malware Protection)

Block threats, secure your data, and protect intellectual property. Ostra’s solutions isolate a device if it detects a threat so it cannot spread across your networkleveraging intelligence-led, real-time detection to cover all access points such as laptops, desktops, servers and more.

Firewall & VPN

Securing internet traffic is critical. Ostra’s VPN and Firewalls automatically detect and prevent “zero-day” (brand new) exploits and various types of malware, as well as known threats. You’ll also get automated, intelligent policy recommendations and machine learning-powered visibility across your IoT and other connected devices.

Trusted Team of Remediation Experts

Ostra doesn’t just trigger alerts or communicate the backstory to your team. Our cybersecurity experts stand ready to investigate, remediate, and resolve your threats.

24/7 Managed Security Information & Event Management (SIEM)

Stay ahead of future attacks with the latest threat intelligence, security orchestration and event logging, and analytics. Plus, get expert analysis and reporting that helps your team learn from past threats. 

Email Security

Email is the number one vehicle for data breaches. Ostra’s Email Security includes advanced URL defense against credential phishing and impersonation. Our team utilizes machine learning, AI, and analytics to identify and block both known threats and new, malicious campaigns.

Ostra Collector & Sensor

Our Collector & Sensor technology seamlessly combines Network Security Monitoring, Intrusion Detection, Network Metadata, Full Packet Capture, and File Analysis. This allows for real-time threat detection, alerts for faster threat detection, and event reconstruction.

Security Awareness Training

Phishing attacks are more sophisticated than ever. Go beyond basic training for your staff—instead, enable your employees to create habits that help them spot and avoid phishing emails. Secure your workforce and get compliant by training your employees with content they’ll actually enjoy.

Ostra EncompassTM

Lean on Your Trusted Cybersecurity Team

Get an all-encompassing response to your company’s needs with Ostra as Your Trusted Cybersecurity Team. Ostra Encompass provides one easy-to-install, holistic, fully managed cybersecurity operations solution.  

Ostra’s layered security approach combines multiple Security Information & Event Management (SIEM) tools with 24/7 monitoring from our Security Operations Center (SOC).

From brand-new phishing scams to sophisticated malware that has been stealthily stalking your endpoints for many months, Ostra’s proactive approach always has you thoroughly covered.

Ostra ExtendTM

Get more with hands-on endpoint remediation

Extend your existing cybersecurity capabilities with proactive 24/7 enterprise-wide monitoring and hands-on remediation of your endpoints. ​

With Ostra Extend, seamlessly integrate with existing solutions while leveraging Ostra’s Security Operations Center (SOC) & Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) with endpoint protection.

Move beyond alerts to get real endpoint remediation delivered by real humans in real time. You’ll also receive threat insights and expert guidance for your whole environment, delivered by Ostra’s Trusted Cybersecurity Team. 

Experience the Ostra Difference

Why work with Ostra? Transform the way your business thinks about cybersecurity with a holistic approach that is like no other. 

Proprietary Mesh Architecture:

Unmatched Protection

  • Sophisticated cybersecurity mesh architecture simplified for SMBs
  • Enterprise tools previously only accessible to huge corporations
  • Collaborative ecosystem leading to better security

Data River:

Unmatched Threat

  • Ever-evolving intelligence flows through Ostra sensors
  • Always improving and strengthening like an immune system
  • Made possible by our mesh architecture

Human Expertise:


  • Our trained cybersecurity experts become part of your team
  • Ecosystem allows for Remediation and Resolution, not just alerts
  • Unmatched security analysts and threat intelligence researchers


“Cybersecurity threats on financial companies are real. We are comforted knowing these threats are being actively prevented and monitored by seasoned experts who understand our industry’s compliance requirements.”

“Ostra is not trying to shoehorn their solution into things, hoping it works. Ostra is very good at vetting the issues… customizing their solution to make sure it fits, and making sure our customers are happy when they’re through.”

“We are confident in Ostra’s technical ability, and they care about customers. They are fantastic people.”

“Ostra Cybersecurity completes our solution – 70% of their technology stack is what I would have chosen, and the other 30% checks all the boxes for me.”

Compliance is easier when Ostra has your back.

Compliance is a time-consuming, ever-evolving process – but Ostra is here to help you. While it can be frustrating to navigate HIPAA, CMMC, and other regulations, Ostra will work with you to stay on top of your compliance needs.  

Honestly, we’re not experts at everything. But Ostra has a wide network of partners who are—and we’ll collaborate with the right resources to meet your specific compliance needs. You’ll save thousands of dollars through our transparent and collaborative process. Rest assured that Ostra will always have your back as Your Trusted Cybersecurity Team.  

Ostra leverages big company technology to protect SMBs