Ostra ExtendTM

Move beyond MDR with Ostra ExtendTM

Get hands-on endpoint remediation with real resolution

Are your existing managed cybersecurity solutions getting the job done? Extend your effectiveness with Ostra’s proactive 24/7 enterprise-wide monitoring and hands-on remediation of your endpoints.  

Seamlessly integrate your existing solutions while leveraging Ostra’s Security Operations Center (SOC) and Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) with endpoint protection.  

Move beyond alerts to get real endpoint remediation delivered by real humans in real-time. Plus, you’ll receive threat insights and expert guidance for your whole environment delivered by Ostra’s Trusted Cybersecurity Team. 

Core Elements of Ostra ExtendTM

Ostra Extend core elements

The Ostra Difference

Thanks to the innovation and deep experience of our in-house cybersecurity experts, Ostra’s holistic approach is like no other. Here’s what sets Ostra apart:

Proprietary Mesh

Unmatched Protection

  • Sophisticated cybersecurity mesh architecture simplified for SMBs
  • Enterprise tools previously only accessible to huge corporations
  • Collaborative ecosystem leading to better security

Data River:

Unmatched Threat

  • Ever-evolving intelligence flows through Ostra sensors
  • Always improving and strengthening like an immune system
  • Made possible by our mesh architecture

Human Expertise:


  • Our trained cybersecurity experts become part of your team
  • Ecosystem allows for Remediation and Resolution, not just alerts
  • Unmatched security analysts and threat intelligence researchers

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  • Seamless integration
  • Beyond alerts
  • Endpoint remediation

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