Working at Ostra

Join our team of proactive problem-solvers.

At Ostra Cybersecurity, we hire exceptional teammates who go the extra mile to simplify cybersecurity for our clients and partners.

Our Values

Lead the Way

Be innovative and take charge. Identify problems and find a solution.

Be Relentless

Go the extra mile. Do the work, even when it’s hard. Engage until the task is done.

We Care

Be a good teammate. Serve the client with compassion. And do it because you care.

Productivity, Positivity, and Plenty of Perks

Benefits & Culture

We embrace exceptional talent  fleeing corporate America who seek purpose and a place to belong.

At Ostra you’ll find a productive and positive environment, with perks that help keep our team healthy, happy and growing into their full potential.

Unlimited PTO
Our PTO policy is all about trust. We let employees find the work-life balance they need while holding themselves accountable.

Fortune 50 Benefits
As a startup, we value our tight-knit team. We provide them with top-tier medical, dental, and life coverage.

Flexible work environment
Whether at the office, working from home, or anywhere else… what matters is connecting to get the job done.

Good vibes
From impromptu grill-outs to casual Q&As and office snacks, we try to create a welcoming space where teams thrive.

What qualities are a good fit for Ostra?

Entrepreneurial Edge

Born from a vision to be different, Ostra strives to stand out from the crowd. Our team members need to be resourceful and creative while following the best practices that will allow us to scale quickly.

Collaborative Commitment

We hire for culture and greatness. Ostra is looking for well-rounded people who are willing to commit wholeheartedly to our cause and grow alongside the company for the next few years.

Impressive Initiative

Startup life is a roller coaster. Our leaders have a legacy of building and scaling businesses. We are self-starters who know upward mobility isn’t the goal, but a byproduct of leadership and growth.

Open Positions