Simple Mistake, High Price Tag

Ostra Prevents Business Email Compromise Scams 

Social engineering has propelled Business Email Compromise (BEC) to new heights of scammer success. Cyber-criminals can construct well crafted and highly detailed emails due to the wealth of information they can collect from social media and also purchase on the dark web. In an increasingly digital age of banking, more businesses are falling victim to Business Email Compromise billion-dollar industry scams.

A three-pronged approach of training, process, and technology can stop a Business Email Compromise attack before it succeeds. Ostra’s security solution has the capability to use advanced analytics to evaluate and capture BEC emails based on attributes, and authenticate partner, vendor and customer emails to verify they don’t originate from a fraudster.

SMBs operating in a digital environment need strong protection against modern day threats. Partner with Ostra for Enterprise Grade Security that provides best-in-class security services to avoid sophisticated Business Email Compromise attacks.