Hackers Selling Stolen Customer Information Online

Frost & Sullivan is a business consulting firm in Silicon Valley, who thought their private information was safe from the hands of hacking groups. Next thing they knew, all their sensitive employee and customer information was for sale, on the dark web.

Frost & Sullivan is a globally recognized consulting firm with offices all around the world. They offer information such as marketing research and analysis, among other things.

A hacking group known as “KelvinSecurity Team” managed to find a way into the Frost & Sullivan database by finding a vulnerability in the defense. The breach happened because of a mis-configured backup directory on the consulting firms cloud server. After finding a way to access the databases, the hacking group put the stolen data on an online hacker forum to sell.

The stolen data includes information on employee and customers, first and last names, emails and usernames, and passwords. In other words, a fortunes worth of information for a hacking group. Many hashed passwords can be easy for these groups to decipher. Giving whoever has the information access to the Frost & Sullivan’s database, as an employee.

The last thing you want is your company’s private information for sale on the dark web. Where many cybercriminals have access to it. It is important to have a security solution in place, as there are more cyberattacks then ever before.

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News source: https://bit.ly/2DiThyJ