What a Cyber Attack on the Energy Sector Could Mean

Even though the energy sector faces the same threats as every other sector, an attack on the energy industry could cause the most damage. A cyber-attack targeting a major power grid could completely shut down an entire economy. The attack could be so widespread that it could knock out the power for many large cities, resulting in disastrous damages.

In 2016, a Russian hacking group is believed to have attacked the Ukraine power grid. Resulting in the loss of power in Ukraine for a long duration. This example is evidence that there are many cybercriminal organizations that have the power to take away energy for an entire population.

“If one country wants to inflict major damage on another, they don’t need to drop bombs. All they need to do is hack into their power grid.”

Just one successful phishing email or a hidden security issue and an entire power grid can be attacked. Even if your business is not an electric company with access to a power grid. You still have something that cybercriminals want access to, and they will try their best to get it.

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