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PRESS RELEASE: Ostra Unveils Diversified Managed Cybersecurity Offerings to Meet Evolving SMB Client Needs

Company expands its industry-leading cyber threat remediation and resolution services with Ostra EncompassTM and Ostra ExtendTM.

[Minneapolis, Minn., Sept. 26, 2023] – Ostra Cybersecurity, a company that provides a multi-layered, holistic, and fully managed Security as a Service that continues to revolutionize the way cybersecurity is delivered to small and mid-sized businesses, announced its diversified managed cybersecurity offerings designed to fit the evolving needs of its clients and partners.

All of Ostra’s solutions are managed by a trusted team of cybersecurity experts. This is especially important since threat remediation and resolution is the number one thing that many companies are looking for. Rather than just receiving the alerts and recommendations that many Managed Detection and Response (MDR) firms typically provide, clients can rely on Ostra’s proactive team to do the hard work of remediation on their behalf. In a world where SMBs are overwhelmed and alert-fatigued, Ostra’s experts have the skills and knowledge to confront cybercriminals head-on while achieving real results and resolution.  

Ostra’s new managed cybersecurity offerings include: 

  • Ostra EncompassTM: This offering is ideal for SMBs and partners who need a solution that encompasses all of their critical cybersecurity needs. Ostra Encompass incorporates 24/7 Managed SOC & SIEM, Firewall & VPN, Endpoint Security, and Email Security—plus a newly added Security Awareness Training component.  
  • Ostra ExtendTM: This new offering incorporates Ostra’s 24/7 Managed SOC & SIEM, Collector & Sensor, and Endpoint Security components. The solution is beneficial for clients who already have some security capabilities in place but need endpoint remediation and general cybersecurity guidance.

As Ostra continues to evolve its offerings to better meet the needs of the market, the company remains focused on its mission to simplify cybersecurity and make Fortune 100-level protection more accessible to SMBs.  

“Not all of our clients require the same type of cybersecurity solution,” said Ostra Founder Michael Kennedy. “Ostra believes in transparency and trust, and these new managed cybersecurity offerings help us communicate more clearly with our partners and clients about the exact level of service they need.”  

A major part of Ostra’s mission is to educate its community, and provide helpful resources related to cybersecurity and data privacy. Adding psychological Security Awareness Training to its core capabilities adds another important layer of protection for organizations while also increasing their cybersecurity compliance and enabling them to meet standards such as NIST and CMMC. 

“While security tools do a great job of filtering out most phishing emails, hackers are changing their tactics every day to target our clients’ employees,” said Emad Bhatt, VP of IT at Ostra. “This additional frontline defense training truly arms our clients and their employees with the critical knowledge they need to be protected.” 

Ostra’s new value-added Security Awareness Training includes ongoing psychological training, phishing testing, and reporting. Designed to increase staff engagement in cybersecurity best practices, this component is now included at no additional cost to Ostra Encompass clients.  

About Ostra Cybersecurity 

As Your Trusted Cybersecurity Team, Ostra makes cybersecurity simple and accessible to businesses of all sizes. Ostra provides its partners and their clients with multi-layered, comprehensive, and fully managed Security as a Service. Ostra’s proprietary solutions combine Fortune 100-caliber tools, tech, and talent to ensure threats are not only detected and hunted, but also fully remediated.   

With a mission to simplify cybersecurity for small to mid-sized businesses, Ostra believes everyone deserves best-in-class data protection—not just big business. For more information, visit www.ostra.net 

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