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Outdated Budgets are a Threat to Business Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity budgets are usually the first to get cut, even in a pandemic when phishing attacks have increased more than 600%. One of the biggest issues that companies are facing is the lack of funds for an up-to-date cybersecurity team/program.

Hackers are Selling Your Data to the Highest Bidder

Researchers at a cyber security company have published a report that shares the details of these dark web data auctions. Once the data is put up for auction, anyone with dark web access can bid on it. No identity proof is required, only a simple CAPTCHA checkpoint. The highest bid must be paid in cryptocurrency, which is untraceable.

What a Cyber Attack on the Energy Sector Could Mean

A cyber-attack targeting a major power grid could completely shut down an entire economy. The attack could be so widespread that it could knock out the power for many large cities, resulting in disastrous damages.

Over 100 Law Firms Report Data Breaches

There have been more than 100 law firms that have reported data breaches since 2014. Since about 20 states do not require that law firms report data breaches, that number is definitely higher. Most of the reported breaches occurred through phishing attacks, with some through hacking or security lapses.

Android Faces New Security Threat, Malware That Spreads Itself

There is a new type of malware that has recently appeared on Android phones throughout the world. The malware can steal personal information, bank details, and can read your text messages. Once the phone is infected, it uses the users contact list to spread itself through text messaging.

Many High-Profile Twitter Accounts Simultaneously Hacked in Bitcoin Scam

Many popular twitter accounts have been hacked in a giant bitcoin scam. The accounts include Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Apple, Uber, Kanye West, and many more. The twitter accounts seemed to all be simultaneously hacked, as the tweets were all identical and carried out at the same time.

There are 15 Billion Stolen Logins on the Dark Web

After auditing dark web forums and marketplaces for 18 months, the report found a 300% increase in the number of stolen account logins since 2018. Now there are 15 billion stolen usernames and passwords from over 100 thousand data breaches.

When It Comes To Cyber Training, It’s Quality Over Quantity

Conducting cyber security training more frequently than others does not mean less security incidents, according to a report by security software company, Tessian.

60% of Organizations Experience Cyberattacks Spread by Their Employees

With today's huge increase in phishing attacks. Many organizations still do not provide regular cybersecurity awareness training, some don't even have a security solution.

Number of Coronavirus-Related Scams Jump

These cyber threats are both foreign groups trying to steal coronavirus related information and cybercriminals trying to exploit users working from home. Health agencies have reported an increase in cyber threats as well, as they are a very profitable target for cyber criminals.

Hackers Selling Stolen Customer Information Online

The stolen data includes information on employee and customers, first and last names, emails and usernames, and hashed passwords. In other words, a fortunes worth of information for a hacking group.

Experts Say the Largest Cyberattack in History is Coming Soon

Experts are predicting the largest cyberattack ever in the next 6 months. Here’s Why.