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Number of Coronavirus-Related Scams Jump

These cyber threats are both foreign groups trying to steal coronavirus related information and cybercriminals trying to exploit users working from home. Health agencies have reported an increase in cyber threats as well, as they are a very profitable target for cyber criminals.

Hackers Selling Stolen Customer Information Online

The stolen data includes information on employee and customers, first and last names, emails and usernames, and hashed passwords. In other words, a fortunes worth of information for a hacking group.

Experts Say the Largest Cyberattack in History is Coming Soon

Experts are predicting the largest cyberattack ever in the next 6 months. Here’s Why.

Ransomware is Getting Worse

Businesses have become a more valuable target for cybercriminals who are looking for a bigger payout. Cybersecurity experts say that ransomware will only become a larger threat in the future.

Phishing in a Pandemic

Cybercriminals are smart, they are professionals in what they…

Schools Facing an Increase in Cyberthreats

Every year, technology becomes a larger part of the classroom…

Smaller Companies are Bigger Targets for Cybercriminals

It is a common misbelief that cybercriminals primarily pursue…

With cyberattacks up during COVID-19, Ostra offers free cybersecurity solution for local businesses

Ostra offers free cybersecurity to businesses during COVID-19, protecting from cyberthreats while employees work remotely.

The state of cybersecurity in the time of coronavirus. Important considerations while working remotely.

While businesses hustle to migrate their workforce online,…
Iranian Flag

Iran’s Potential Cyber Threat: What to Know

Geopolitical Impacts Ostra’s threat intelligence partner,…

Ransomware Shuts Down Tele-Fundraising Company

Company closes doors without notice. A tele-fundraising firm…