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Michael Kennedy: Ostra Cybersecurity’s Origin Story [Video]

In today’s constantly changing landscape of digital threats, having multi-layered cybersecurity protection is essential to fully protecting both data and customers. Yet, too many small businesses struggle with obtaining the vital cybersecurity resources they need. Michael Kennedy, founder of Ostra Cybersecurity, understands this reality better than most as a leading industry advocate for data privacy.

Throughout his career, Kennedy recognized that most companies outside the Fortune 500 did not have the enterprise-level protection for their most valuable asset, their data. This widening gap became even more apparent to Kennedy after a personal friend’s business experienced a devastating ransomware event. After hearing his friend share the severe impact it had on his small business and the lack of resources available to proactively protect against it, Kennedy knew he needed to do something to help others prevent these types of situations.

“At my core, I want to educate,” Kennedy said. “I don’t think people understand the importance around data privacy. The same way I would want to protect my personal information, is the same way I want to protect my business.”

Ostra was born in 2018 from Kennedy’s drive to increase awareness around data privacy and security. After more than 20 years of work for one of the world’s largest healthcare providers, he leveraged his strong reputation and relationships in the security industry to create a 360° best-in-class software solution—specifically designed to help small and medium-sized businesses proactively protect against known and unknown cybersecurity threats.

Our approach: Prevent problems before they happen

With Ostra comes a team of experts in the field of relationship management, IT integrations and decades of combined cyber security expertise. We operate behind the scenes to protect businesses by managing Detection and Response before threats get in. This saves our clients time and tens of thousands of dollars dealing with costly problems associated with simply reacting to threats and data breaches after they occur.

By making cybersecurity technology simple, comprehensive and accessible to business of all sizes, Ostra is helping create a world with greater data privacy and protection for all of us.

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