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Embracing New Leadership with Andrew Tewksbury

A Message from Our Founder I am thrilled to share some exciting news with our partners, clients and supporters. Today marks a significant milestone in our journey as we welcome Andrew Tewksbury as our new Chief Executive Officer—leading us into a new era of success. Andrew’s arrival represents more than just a change in leadership; […]

Prioritize Data Privacy: Don’t Get Burned!

Prioritize Data Privacy to Protect Your Company, Employees and Clients.   Maybe you can relate to a metaphorical question I often ask myself: Are there any fires I need to put out today? Or, when faced with smaller sparks of chaos on the horizon: What can I do NOW to prevent a wildfire later? In […]

Well-Informed and Well-Balanced: The Link Between Cybersecurity Awareness and Mental Health

When it comes to mental health, the fall and winter months can be especially challenging for many people—including those of us who work in the high-intensity world of cybersecurity.   Recently, I shared some perspectives on mental health within the cybersecurity industry at Hacks and Hops 2023, an information security event series hosted by FRSecure. This […]

The Ostra Journey: Reflecting on 5 Amazing Years

Five years ago, the decision to start Ostra Cybersecurity was not an easy one. Leaving a successful, well-paying IT job with Fortune-5 company perks so that I could help small businesses become more secure was definitely a mission-motivated move, but that was not my only reason for wanting to make a change. I was looking […]

Protecting What We Value: Why Data Privacy Is Worth the Effort

For anyone who participates in today’s digital economy, sharing information across multiple devices, apps, websites and software programs has become standard business practice and part of our daily routines. Many assume it is safe to repeatedly upload documents to file-sharing sites, collect details about customers via email, utilize customer service chats, process credit card payments […]

Awareness Leads to Action: Why Data Privacy Matters

To anyone who is familiar with Ostra’s history as well as our team culture, it is no surprise that we are passionate about data privacy. Ostra is a proud 2022 Data Privacy Week Champion because we were founded on the belief that all businesses and individuals have a fundamental right to data privacy and security. January […]

What is Layered Cybersecurity?

What is layered cybersecurity, and why is it essential to protecting small businesses and medium-sized companies from cyber threats? In this short video, Ostra leaders answer these questions. Hear from Joe Johnson (President), Michael Kennedy (Founder) and Paul Dobbins (Chief Growth Officer) as they explain the features and benefits of a comprehensive, multi-layered approach to […]

Cybersecurity – a loaded concept

Working in the technology space for many years, I have noticed that cybersecurity is a loaded concept. Similar to other words—such as history or intelligence—there can be multiple ways of describing it, depending on your angle. The multi-faceted nature of cybersecurity is one reason why small- and medium-sized businesses sometimes find it frustrating to evaluate […]

The Ransomware Attack that Sparked Ostra Cybersecurity

With cyber-attacks and security breaches on the rise, the need for better cybersecurity solutions and reputable data protection services is no longer something to “think about for the future.” While large companies spend millions of dollars protecting their digital assets, small and mid-sized companies struggle to find solutions that work and are both affordable and […]

Michael Kennedy: Ostra Cybersecurity’s Origin Story [Video]

In today’s constantly changing landscape of digital threats, having multi-layered cybersecurity protection is essential to fully protecting both data and customers. Yet, too many small businesses struggle with obtaining the vital cybersecurity resources they need. Michael Kennedy, founder of Ostra Cybersecurity, understands this reality better than most as a leading industry advocate for data privacy. […]