Andrew Tewksbury, CEO, Ostra Cybersecurity

Embracing New Leadership with Andrew Tewksbury

A Message from Our Founder

Introducing Andrew Tewksbury, CEO, Ostra CybersecurityI am thrilled to share some exciting news with our partners, clients and supporters. Today marks a significant milestone in our journey as we welcome Andrew Tewksbury as our new Chief Executive Officer—leading us into a new era of success.

Andrew’s arrival represents more than just a change in leadership; it symbolizes our commitment to continuous growth and innovation in the cybersecurity landscape.

With his wealth of experience and strategic vision, Andrew is poised to propel Ostra to new heights, solidifying our position as a trailblazer in safeguarding small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs).

Our decision to embrace a collaborative leadership model underscores our dedication to remaining a mission-driven company while driving sustainable growth. Together with Andrew and our seasoned executive team, including myself, we are poised to accelerate our growth strategy and advance our mission of protecting SMBs.

Andrew brings a wealth of experience and expertise in the cybersecurity industry, along with a proven track record of Go-To-Market leadership and strategic vision. His passion for technology, commitment to excellence, and mission-based values resonated deeply with me and the entire Ostra team, making him the perfect fit to guide us through our next phase of continued growth. I am eager to partner with him in strengthening our market position and delivering exceptional protection to our partners and clients.

As I take a moment to look back on the remarkable journey Ostra has embarked on since we started in 2018, I am filled with anticipation for the future under Andrew’s leadership. With him at the helm as CEO, I am genuinely excited about the prospect of dedicating more time to what I am most passionate about – educating others via speaking engagements, forging strategic partnerships, and finding innovative solutions to cybersecurity challenges. These are the things that fuel my spirit, and, most importantly, hold the potential to yield the greatest impact for our company and the communities we serve.

As we write the next chapter of Ostra’s success story, I am confident that with Andrew’s leadership, combined with the dedication of our amazingly talented team, we will continue to revolutionize cybersecurity for SMBs and the partners who serve them.

Thank you to our entire community of clients, partners and supporters for your belief in our mission, with special appreciation for the Ostra team. Your commitment to protecting our clients fuels our journey, and I’m endlessly grateful for each of you as we embark on this exciting chapter together.


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