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60% of Organizations Experience Cyberattacks Spread by Their Employees

With today’s huge increase in phishing attacks. Many organizations still do not provide regular cybersecurity awareness training, some don’t even have a security solution.

A new report from security vendor, Mimecast, highlights the current issues surrounding social engineering attacks. Many surprising statistics help to explain why phishing attacks are successful and how they affect the organizations. The lack of training, security programs, and an increase in remote work all play a role.

  • 51% of organizations have been impacted by ransomware in the last year
  • 58% saw an increase in phishing attacks
  • 82% have experienced downtime from an attack

These numbers show that many businesses are not prepared when it comes to cybersecurity. There has been an increase in phishing attacks, especially targeting remote workers who might be more vulnerable. Even though organizations know that the numbers are getting worse, statistics show that its their own employees that are responsible

  • 60% of organizations have had their own employees spread malicious emails
  • 55% do not provide regular security awareness training
  • 41% do not even have a system in place to monitor for phishing scams

Organizations need to take the security measures necessary to protect against phishing attacks. Which starts with a cyber security solution.

Ostra Cybersecurity has a solution that provides 24/7 proactive protection to all employees, regardless of where they are located. Ostra extends multiple layers of protection around the Internet Service Provider hardening the defenses and creating active barriers preventing criminals’ access to employee’s hardware and company data.

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Number of Coronavirus-Related Scams Jump

The Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) has noted a large increase in cyber threat complaints per day. Before the COVID-19 pandemic began, they were receiving around 1,000 complaints daily. Now, they receive 4,000 complaints a day.

These cyber threats are foreign groups trying to steal COVID-19 related information. As well as cybercriminals trying to exploit users working from home. Health agencies have reported an increase in cyber threats as well, as they are a very profitable target for cyber criminals.

“Near the start of the epidemic, researchers at the cybersecurity company Barracuda Networks reported a 667 percent increase in “phishing” emails.”

These emails are sent with the purpose of downloading viruses onto the recipient’s computers. With the increase in reported phishing scams, it is important to understand and identify possible scams when going through your emails.

Protect your business and your employees

Numbers don’t lie, and the possibility of your business falling victim to a cyber attack has never been higher. Protecting your business and sensitive data is a priority in the era of cybercrime.

Ostra Cyber Security offers a total solution for cybersecurity that combines Fortune 100 tools and is easy to deploy without needing to purchase any hardware. Ostra Cyber Security is perfect for those who do not want to put a lot of time into their cybersecurity program. Just set it up and forget about it. It requires no IT support, it is budget friendly, and Ostra does all the work to stop threats before they reach you.

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Experts Say the Largest Cyberattack in History is Coming Soon

Experts are predicting the largest cyberattack ever in the next 6 months. Here’s Why.

When the coronavirus pandemic started, many people were only worried about how to keep working from home. Nobody was thinking about how businesses and their virtual security defenses were about to be exposed. Exposed to many more cyberthreats due to an increased “attack surface”.


Businesses are More Vulnerable Than Ever Before

Usually, if a company has their employees doing remote work, they provide them with a secure work laptop. The employees must go through many security measures to access their work material. Usually, a secure wi-fi connection is also required.

However, since the beginning of the pandemic, millions of Americans were forced to quickly switch to remote work. Without time to set up secure systems, many companies were left with only one option. Letting their employees work from their personal laptop, on their unsecured home network.

This is the perfect scenario for cybercriminals. All it takes is one entry point to take over the whole network. Every employee working from home, is one more entry point that cybercriminals can target. This creates a larger attack surface for every business with remote workers.

More remote workers than ever before mean that businesses are more vulnerable than ever before. Therefore, the possibility of a cyberattack bigger than ever seen before is dangerously high.


“Hackers broke into the networks of America’s largest defense contractor, Lockheed Martin, by targeting remote workers. If they can infiltrate this system, you best believe remote workers with little security are easy pickings.”

Smaller Attack Surface = Smaller Risk

How can businesses protect against the increased risk of a cyberattack during the pandemic? Decrease the attack surface.

Businesses with remote workers need to protect and secure the networks that their employees are using. It is important to decrease the number of entry points available. Ostra Cyber Security has a solution that will help decrease your attack surface.

The Ostra solution provides 360-degree 24/7 proactive protection to all employees, regardless of where they are located. What that means is that Ostra becomes a secure ISP for remote employees working on a home or public Wi-Fi connections. Ostra extends multiple layers of protection around the Internet Service Provider hardening the defenses and creating active barriers preventing criminals’ access to employee’s hardware and company data.

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If you think your business is safe from cyber-attacks, think again. The company that makes your car just fell victim to one.

Honda, one of the top global car manufacturers, has just experienced a cyber attack on its global operations. More specifically a file-encrypting ransomware attack, which was made to encrypt files and demand a ransom. This caused Honda to temporarily shut down production facilities as well as their financial services and customer service operations. However, there was no reported evidence to show a loss or theft of personal identifiable information. This temporary network shut down, which lasted for a couple of days, resulted in the loss of important business and profits in a time where most companies rely on online traffic.

It is not a coincidence that this cyber-attack occurred during this time when most employees are working from home. A CEO of a nationally recognized cybersecurity platform said that “The coronavirus pandemic has created a sizable remote workforce which has increased businesses’ attack surfaces and heightened existing vulnerabilities”. With today’s increased risk of a cyber-attack, it is important to have cybersecurity that will protect your network and information immediately when faced with a threat. Ostra Cyber Security provides active defense protection for your businesses’ data and acts immediately instead of monitoring and alerting as many antiviruses do. If it can happen to Honda, it could happen to you.


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