Banking on Expert Cybersecurity: CyberFin Partners with Ostra to Protect Financial & Insurance Clients

As a next-generation managed security service provider (MSSP), Ostra Cybersecurity works closely with some great companies in the technology space. In my role as Director of Strategic Partnerships, I enjoy finding ways to support and collaborate with our Channel Partners that serve on the front lines of cybersecurity for diverse client groups around the world.

CyberFin is a Minnesota-based company that provides relentless protection for closely regulated businesses such as insurance agencies, financial advisors, real estate brokers and registered investment advisors. As one of Ostra’s Channel Partners, CyberFin focuses on cybersecurity in the insurance and financial space.

In early 2021, Ostra began working with Managing Partner Chris Steffl and the team at CyberFin. In the wake of unprecedented cybersecurity challenges in the post-pandemic world, Ostra came alongside CyberFin with solutions to strengthen their business model and help them stand apart in a crowded field.

The first great thing about our partnership with CyberFin is that their mission and values are aligned with Ostra’s—being proactive and never settling for anything but the best for their clients.

In addition, both Ostra and CyberFin love to educate small businesses and mid-sized companies about cybersecurity. Chris Steffl, Managing Partner at CyberFin, shared a bit about how Ostra supports CyberFin in this area:

“We’re taking an industry that has very little knowledge or understanding about cybersecurity and we’re trying to make it simple and easy for them to understand…

One of the big things that Osta is excellent at is the deployment of their tools, and how their team works with our organization and the clients that we have. Ostra made it really easy to bring those tools in, and explain it to our clientele… financial planners or insurance agents that aren’t in the cyber industry… so that they’re able to figure out what tools they need to put in place.” – Chris Steffl, Managing Partner at CyberFin

In terms of CyberFin’s particular expertise, they are a trusted advisor in the finance and insurance space. With decades of experience, they have been in the trenches and know what their clients need. This makes CyberFin a fierce advocate for their clients—they are constantly on the lookout for any security threats or compliance issues that might arise. So getting the right tools, technology and talent behind their solution was extremely important.

“Ostra is really a next-generation level of cybersecurity,” summarized Chris Steffl. “They are able to comprehensively pull together all the different tech stacks that they’ve got, and deploy that in a very easy manner. And I think that’s one thing that set’s them apart from other cybersecurity firms is the ability to pull all these tools together to make an easy, simple deployment of the products.”

Ostra is proud to work alongside Channel Partners like Cyberfin to ensure financial and insurance businesses of all sizes—even small firms and start-ups—get the same level of best-in-class, layered cybersecurity that Fortune 100 companies rely on.

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