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Don’t Ignore the SIEM Who Cries ‘Alert’: The Importance of Thoroughly Investigating False Positives in Security Alerts 

False positives in security alerts are a common problem that can plague security professionals, consuming valuable time and resources while decreasing the effectiveness of security measures.   A recent survey by Security Magazine found that 20% of security alerts are false positives, which can be a significant issue for organizations with limited resources.  What is a […]

Spot the Signs of Tax-Time Phishing Scams

Tax season is officially upon us. Tuesday, April 18 is the deadline for most Americans to file their 2023 federal tax returns—and for many, the process of preparing and assembling the necessary documents is already underway. This is also an especially busy season at Ostra, as our Trusted Cybersecurity Team always sees elevated levels of […]

Field Report: ” Phished by Association”

When it comes to phishing, attackers are becoming highly creative in the way they deliver the phish. They are doing a lot more reconnaissance work and it is our duty to ensure we are being more alert to avoid this form of social engineering. SIGNS OF DANGER Recently, Ostra came across a case of “phishing […]