Today’s work environment provides tremendous targets of opportunity for cyber criminals. Like all criminal activity, cyber crime is driven by their means, motives, and opportunities. With the rise of remote working the opportunities for bad actors to infiltrate a business and gain access to do harm is high ( They have industrialized the process of looking for victims and probing for vulnerabilities so they are able to ping away at millions of companies daily. When they inevitably find weaknesses, they attack. This leads to stolen data, public exposure of company information, ACH highjacking, and ransomeware resulting in tens of thousands of dollars in expenses no business can survive. You can’t social distance from cyber crime so the best defense against these attacks is to eliminate their opportunities. The Ostra security solution removes the opportunity.

Cyber criminals are always hunting for victims

Ostra provides a turn-key, 360-degree 24/7 cyber-security solution to protect your business, data and devices no matter where they are or how they are connecting. Ostra’s proprietary architecture incorporates the very best security tools. We leverage the industry’s top platforms such as FireEye, Palo Alto, and Splunk to create a sphere of protection for your business and employees, no matter where they are located or what device they are on.

Ostra is an affordable subscription-based software as a service (SaaS). Clients pay a monthly charge based on the number of users protected. Ostra handles all the updates, upgrades, monitoring, and event management. Ostra does not require an IT project to roll out but installs in minutes on existing hardware, running unseen alongside other software. We provide a monthly report so you know it’s working and if there’s ever an event, Ostra adaptive technology contains it, notifies you, finds out how it happened and helps resolve it.

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