No matter who you are, Ostra Cybersecurity has a solution to support your business

Gain confidence with our
proactive threat prevention

With Ostra, you don’t just get a proactive, real-time solution that scans, intercepts and eliminates threats 24/7.

Our 360-degree protection also includes exceptional talent in threat management, policy, response and mitigation—giving you the ultimate peace of mind that your data is safe.

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Eliminate risk and strengthen
your compliance

Staying on top of HIPAA, CMMC and other ever-changing regulations can be frustrating. But Ostra’s holistic approach goes beyond simply “checking the box” on compliance.

We keep your environment and data secure while simplifying analytics and incident reporting, so you can stay focused on important business tasks.

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Cybersecurity: streamlined,
simple & easy

With Ostra, you get all the benefits of best-in-class, multi-layered threat protection rolled into one simplified platform.

Let our cybersecurity experts provide the constantly-updated, cutting-edge technology you need—so you can stay focused on business-critical tasks.

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Our clients can speak to our work firsthand

“Working with Ostra was a no-brainer for our firm. They provide a one-stop, full service cyber security solution that requires little attention from our team. On top of that, they are simply great people with great values that we enjoy working with – true partners that consistently have gone above and beyond in their efforts to ensure we are happy and safe.”

Investment ManagementMMX Management

“Cybersecurity threats on financial companies are real. We are comforted knowing these threats are being actively prevented and monitored by seasoned experts who understand our industry’s compliance requirements.”

Financial Services Partner

“I was impressed with the Ostra team’s experience and education in the industry. Our client data is as sensitive and attractive to hackers as anyone’s. With Ostra I have implicit trust that my sensitive data and law practice are protected.”

Legal PartnerHarold Slawik, Co-Founder

Our solution proactively protects clients
and their data across diverse industries

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previously unknown threats.