Ostra Cybersecurity combines best-in-class tools,
proprietary technology and exceptional talent to deliver
Fortune 100-level protection for businesses of all sizes.
The result is a holistic, one-stop solution that allows you
to set it and forget it.

Contact us to explore how Ostra safeguards your
data as your trusted cybersecurity team.

Ostra is the Spanish word for oyster. The purpose of the
oyster shell is to protect the valuable pearl inside. Our
comprehensive, managed cybersecurity solution
protects your most valuable asset: your data.

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Ostra’s team is focused on protecting businesses of all sizes

Ostra was co-founded by Michael Kennedy, who spent more than 20 years building multi-layered cybersecurity solutions for some of the world’s largest corporations. He noticed that many small and medium-sized companies didn’t have access to these Fortune 100 cybersecurity resources, which made them more vulnerable to data breaches, malware and ransomware. Leveraging his strong reputation and relationships in the security industry, Michael helped form Ostra in 2018.

Our company is focused on providing a best-in-class solution that makes cybersecurity simple, effective and accessible for businesses of all sizes. Read more about The Ransomware Attack That Sparked Ostra Cybersecurity.

Michael Kennedy

Joe Johnson

Paul Dobbins
Chief Growth Officer

Emad Bhatt
Vice President, IT

Mike Barlow
Director, Strategic Partnerships

Laura Riebschlager
Director, Partner Success

Mel Kolinski
Director, Strategic Partnerships

Founded to protect SMBs

Ostra fills the gaps in your overall cybersecurity strategy with a comprehensive, expertly managed solution. Founded by cybersecurity trailblazer Michael Kennedy, Ostra is passionate about protecting small businesses and mid-sized companies.

In addition to leveraging best-in-class software tools, Ostra packages everything into one easy-to-install platform.

Your Ostra solution is managed by real, approachable people who are subject matter experts in integration, security management, monitoring and remediation.

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Our Values

Lead the Way

Be innovative and take charge.
Identify problems and find a solution.

Be Relentless

Go the extra mile. Do the work, even when
it’s hard. Engage until the task is done.

We Care

Be a good teammate. Serve the client with compassion. And do it because you care.

At Ostra Cybersecurity, we hire exceptional teammates who go the extra mile to simplify cybersecurity for our clients and partners