As a next-generation MSSP, Ostra Cybersecurity
combines best-in-class tools, proprietary technology
and exceptional talent to deliver Fortune 100-level
protection for businesses of all sizes. The result is a
multi-layered, 360-degree solution that allows you
to set it and forget it.

Contact us to explore how Ostra can safeguard your data
while simplifying cybersecurity for your business.

Ostra is the Spanish word for oyster. The purpose of the
oyster shell is to protect the valuable pearl inside. Our
comprehensive, managed cybersecurity solution
protects your most valuable asset: your data.

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Filling the Gaps

Ostra is a next-generation MSSP that lives in the space where software delivery, data reporting, IT service providers, and top technology talent intersect. We cover the gaps in your overall cybersecurity strategy by providing a comprehensive, expertly managed cybersecurity solution.

In addition to leveraging best-in-class software tools, Ostra ensures that everything works together in your environment. We package everything into one easy-to-install platform. Our proprietary programming, configuration and testing process is tailored to meet the complexity and unique needs of each client.

Your Ostra solution is designed and managed by real, live professionals who are subject matter experts in integration, security management, monitoring and remediation.

Contact Ostra to see how we can simplify cybersecurity for your business.

At Ostra Cybersecurity, we hire exceptional teammates who go the extra mile to simplify cybersecurity for our clients and partners