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Small and Midsized Businesses are Vulnerable

Similarities in how SMB’s operate create opportunites for cyber-criminals to attack.

Commodity Products

Many SMB’s use a firewall or anti-virus as their primary security solution. This  strategy addresses a single risk and is often based on known threats. The advanced sophistication of cyber criminals makes these defense measures easy to defeat.

Outsourcing of IT

Many SMB’s contract maintenance and support of IT systems with service providers that offer general security. Effective security to protect against advanced nature of current threats requires more than what general service providers offer.

Third Party Vendors

SMBs are often third party vendors for larger enterprises. Cyber-criminals target SMB’s with weaker defenses to gain access to large enterprise customers.

Lack of Resources

Many SMB’s lack the resources to focus on security. Cyber criminals know that businesses without strong protection are easy to exploit.

Understanding the threat environment is the first step in 
developing a sound security strategy.

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