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Omaha has consistently been named one of the top U.S. cities to start a business.

Unfortunately, Omaha has also seen its fair share of cyberattacks recently. Whether your Nebraska business is a start-up or has been a staple of the community for years, trust Ostra to secure your sensitive business data. As your local Midwest cybersecurity partner, you’ll be confident you’re in safe hands when you team up with us.

  • Best-in-Class Data Protection Services

  • Unparalleled Customer Service

  • Decades of In-House Cybersecurity Expertise

"A level of security not normally available to small to medium sized businesses. Very Impressive."

TJ McMullen III, Co-Founder at ClipDifferent

Protection For All Your Devices & Endpoints

Today, employees are scattered across the country, with remote working on the rise. This has led to an increase in cyberattacks, with remote employees being more vulnerable to phishing and ransomware attacks. Ostra’s 360° Protection Services covers all your devices and endpoints, regardless of where they are located.

Decades of Experience & Passion For Helping SMBs

Recognized as a Tekne Award Finalist for Data Security, we’re one of the top cybersecurity providers in the Midwest. As your trusted cybersecurity partner, we’ll help you make the right decisions for your business and ensure your data is secure. Your success is our success.

Around the Clock Security For Your Omaha Business

The best cybersecurity plan keeps your business protected at all times, 24/7. Our focus is to stop attacks before they occur, saving you from wasting money and dealing with the stress of dealing with a breach.

Your New Trusted Midwest Cybersecurity Team

We don’t hang our clients out to dry after the first initial months. We’ll be around in the long run to assist with your security needs. With a monthly report that keeps you up to date on the protection of your data, you’ll have full transparency on our efforts to keep your business and employees safe from the threat of a breach.

Cost-Effective Enterprise-Grade Security

Everyone is entitled to robust, top-tier cybersecurity—not just large international companies. This belief has led to our revolutionary cybersecurity solution that combines strategic partners with Ostra’s properties technology to create a compressive solution, regardless of your business’s size.

Frequently Asked Questions

On its own, a standard out of the box cybersecurity system can provide a decent amount of protection for your business. In today’s world, that simply won’t cut it. Leveraging a comprehensive solution like Ostra allows you to take advantage of our key integrations, extensive expertise, and customer service to create a more holistic cybersecurity plan for your company. Working with an experienced team like Ostra allows you to be confident in your cybersecurity.

Complicated and overbearing onboarding processes can stop security improvements in their tracks. That’s why our onboarding process is simple and straightforward. The installation of VPN and antivirus agents is the only onboarding activity where your employees will be directly involved. We’ll also work onsite with your email administrator or IT team to properly configure mail and firewall settings. We’ll take care of everything else.

When you partner with Ostra, you’ll be able to improve security in the following areas:

  • Email
  • Elite endpoint
  • Malware and ransomware
  • Mobile device
  • Cloud application
  • Firewall

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