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Milwaukee has both a strong start-up scene and a large swath of established, successful businesses. No matter which category you fall under, keeping your data secure is of paramount importance in today’s world. That’s where Ostra comes in.

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  • Decades of Cybersecurity Experience

  • Comprehensive Protection for Email, Mobile Devices, & More

  • Cloud Application and Firewall Capabilities

"A level of security not normally available to small to medium sized businesses. Very Impressive."

TJ McMullen III, Co-Founder at ClipDifferent

Enterprise-Grade Security

Cost-effective, best-in-class cybersecurity solutions are hard to come by. But Ostra fits this bill. By partnering with Gartner Group’s Magic Quadrant Leaders, technology solutions previously tailored to large enterprises are now available to companies of all sizes with Ostra.

Subscription-Based to Fit Your Needs

A one-size-fits-all solution doesn’t make sense for cybersecurity. Businesses come in all sizes, and their cybersecurity solution should be tailored to how many users they have. With Ostra, you’ll only pay for what you need each month; no more, no less.

Swift, Seamless Onboarding

Avoiding disruption to the day-to-day operations of your business is the hallmark of our onboarding process. We’ll get you set-up in no time to minimize interference with your productivity and secure your network fast.

A Reliable Midwest Cybersecurity Provider For Your Wisconsin Business

Finding a cybersecurity team you can trust to protect your data is essential to running a successful business today. Through monthly reports that keep you up-to-speed on our efforts, you’ll have full transparency on the safety of your data. Our team is dedicated to seeing your business succeed. We illustrate this through customer service that can’t be beaten and a willingness to go above and beyond for our customers.

Data Security That Protects the Entirety of Your Business

A single vulnerable endpoint can leave your business’s whole system at risk for an attack. That’s why it’s vital that your business receives well-rounded, comprehensive protection. Ostra’s 360° Protection offers full-fledged services, including email, elite endpoint, malware and ransomware, mobile device, cloud application, and firewall protection. Leave no stone unturned with Ostra today.

Frequently Asked Questions

A quick and seamless onboarding process is essential for ensuring your organization stays productive while simultaneously boosting your cybersecurity. The installation of the VPN and antivirus agents are the only onboarding activities that involve employees. During this 15-20 minute digital interaction, we provide the necessary training for these simple tools. Everything else will be taken care of behind the scenes.

In addition, we’ll also work onsite with your email administrator or IT team to configure mail and firewall settings.

Our list of partners includes:

  • Splunk
  • Hexnode
  • Netskope
  • Paloalto
  • Fire Eye

Yes! We understand the need for remote employees today, and this trend will likely continue in the future. Ostra will protect both your remote and in-office employees year-round.

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