Healthcare Cybersecurity

The healthcare industry has been in the news a lot recently—but not for the right reasons. The rise of telemedicine and remote employees during COVID has led to the healthcare industry becoming one of the top targets of cybercriminals. The time to secure your healthcare company’s data is now.

Protect your PHI, maintain your patient’s trust, and stay out of the headlines with Ostra Cybersecurity.

  • Professional Healthcare Cybersecurity Experts

  • A Streamlined Onboarding Process

  • Full Transparency on the Safety of Your Data

"A level of security not normally available to small to medium sized businesses. Very Impressive."

TJ McMullen III, Co-Founder at ClipDifferent

Accessible Enterprise-Grade Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity shouldn’t be a luxury that only the biggest international companies can utilize. Leveraging proprietary technology and partnerships with cutting-edge healthcare technology suppliers, Ostra is the cost-effective, enterprise-grade security solution you’ve been looking for.

Experienced Cybersecurity Experts Ready to Assist

With a team of cybersecurity experts recognized as Tekne Award Finalists for Data Security, you can be confident that your company is in safe hands. As your trusted cybersecurity partner, we’ll help you make the right decisions for your healthcare company and ensure your data and PHI is secure. We want to see your organization succeed.

Around the Clock, Proactive Healthcare Cybersecurity

Your cybersecurity plan should revolve around proactive strategies that stop attacks before they occur. With 24/7 cybersecurity, Ostra will mitigate threats before they do damage, saving you money and protecting your data year-round.

Security to Improve Telemedicine Safety

Telemedicine is only going to increase throughout the healthcare industry. But, having remote devices spread throughout your state leaves you vulnerable to a cyberattack. With Ostra, we’ll secure your remote devices to ward off cybercriminals and keep your telemedicine services fully protected.

Avoid Costly Breaches and Maintain Your Patients Trust

According to an IBM and Ponemon Institute report, the cost of a healthcare data breach is $408 per stolen record, 3X the industry average. Not only is a breach harmful in terms of cost, but it can also be detrimental to the brand image of your healthcare organization that you’ve worked so hard to cultivate over the years. Maintain your reputation and avoid costly breaches with Ostra today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our founder, Michael Kennedy, has 20+ years of work for the world’s largest healthcare provider. Responsible for integrating complex data systems and protecting private data during business acquisitions, Michael and the rest of the Ostra team are well-versed in the ins-and-outs of healthcare cybersecurity.

Ostra provides comprehensive cybersecurity solutions for the following areas of your healthcare company:

  • Email
  • Elite endpoint
  • Malware and ransomware
  • Mobile device
  • Cloud application
  • Firewall

We understand the importance of keeping your healthcare organization fully functional during the onboarding process. To ensure that your day-to-day operations are not interrupted, we’ll take on most of the onboarding processes behind the scenes. The installation of the VPN and antivirus agents are the only onboarding activities that involve employees. During this 15-20 minute digital interaction, we provide the necessary training for these simple tools.

We’ll also work onsite with your email administrator or IT team to configure mail and firewall settings.

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