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With cybercrimes increasing across the country, keeping your sensitive data protected is more critical now than ever before. Protect your Des Moines business from external threats with Ostra, your trusted Midwest cybersecurity partner.

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  • Accessible Enterprise-Grade Protection

"A level of security not normally available to small to medium sized businesses. Very Impressive."

TJ McMullen III, Co-Founder at ClipDifferent

Best-in-Class Data Protection

Practical and comprehensive cybersecurity should be made available for all businesses—regardless of their size. Leveraging top tier appliances and strategic partnerships, Ostra offers reliable 360° protection for small and medium-sized companies.

Onboarding That Makes it Easy

Utilizing a quick, seamless onboarding process, we’ll get you up-to-speed with little interference to your company’s day-to-day operations. Avoid an overbearing onboarding process that halts productivity by choosing Ostra.

Protect All Your Devices, All the Time

Working remotely is expected to persist through the end of the pandemic, making remote cybersecurity initiatives a must. Whether you have employees working remotely, in the office, or traveling for business, you can trust that their devices are secure.

Midwest is Best (For Cybersecurity)

As a local, Midwest-based company, you can trust Ostra to be there for you whenever you need assistance. Our dedicated team of experts is professional, knowledgeable, and an absolute pleasure to work with. When you team-up with Ostra, you’re receiving a partner that wants to see you succeed. That’s our promise.

Secure Your Des Moines Business’s Data

Leveraging the Gartner Group Magic Quadrant’s data protection platform leaders, years of experience, and a passion for cybersecurity, we’ll keep your company safe and secure at all times from outside agents. Gain confidence in your cybersecurity with Ostra today.

Frequently Asked Questions

An out of the box cybersecurity system is a good start, but it should never be your end-all-be-all security solution. Regardless of your business’s size, if you have a bank account or sensitive data that they can leverage, there are cybercriminals out there that want to gain access to it. For this reason, teaming up with a professional and experienced cybersecurity service provider is a must. Your data is too important to gamble with.

Ostra’s 360° Protection covers all the essential areas of your business, including:

  • Email
  • Elite endpoints
  • Malware and Ransomware
  • Mobile Devices
  • Cloud applications
  • Firewalls

Our onboarding process is straightforward and simple, with the installation of VPN and antivirus agents being the only onboarding activities that involve employees. During this 15-20 minute digital interaction, we provide the necessary training for these simple tools. We’ll also work onsite with your email administrator or IT team to properly configure mail and firewall settings.

We’ll also work onsite with your email administrator or IT team to configure mail and firewall settings.

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